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New ISIS Threat in French Shows All Child Jihadis, Obama Images

ISIS released a new video today reminiscent of the “nasheed” song threats preceding and succeeding the Paris and Brussels attacks.

The new twist this time? Children — aka ISIS “cubs,” as the terror group calls them — doing the singing, making threats in French translated into English.

The video features more images of President Obama than the one or two that are usually dropped into most ISIS videos and publications. With a backdrop of a child in ISIS garb wandering through a bombed neighborhood, superimposed images show Obama speaking at the United Nations, Obama shaking hands with Russian President Vladimir Putin at a bilateral meeting, Obama and Putin as well as Obama and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan at last November’s G20 summit in Turkey, and Obama again at the UN in two different scenes.

Secretary of State John Kerry is shown exchanging pleasantries with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

Putin is also shown shaking hands with French President Francois Hollande.

Boys who appear to be around 10 years old are shown in weapons instruction, then suiting up for battle. Figuring prominently among the kids is a pale, European-looking child jihadi.

“You grant yourselves the right to massacre us/In the name of your so-called precious freedoms/Your goods, your lives, to us none of it is sacred/Your blood will flow for your heinous crimes,” a French-speaking boy sings, with video translations in English and Arabic.

“…Beware, we have what we need to defend ourselves/Well-armed soldiers are ready to kill you… Beware, we are ready to fight back/Our swords are sharpened to slice necks,” the nasheed continues.

“Beware, men are ready to blow themselves up/Ready to respond to the evil you have brought/Beware, your roads will soon be rigged with mines/By well-trained and determined brothers/Beware, your end is already planned/Our warriors are everywhere, ready to sacrifice themselves.”

(ISIS video)

(ISIS video)

Two weeks before the Nov. 13 Paris attacks, ISIS released a French-language nasheed through its Al-Hayat Media Center — the same source of today’s video — telling jihadists to “advance” and “kill the soldiers of the devil without hesitation… anyone who opposes Shariah is lost.” The nasheed was echoed in ISIS’ post-Paris claim of responsibility.

Similarly, though nasheeds are commonly issued by ISIS, a nasheed released a few weeks before the Brussels attacks was also used in their post-attack video boasting.

Another post-Brussels video released by ISIS’ Al-Furat media featured a French-speaking jihadist equipped with a suicide belt warning that the worst is yet to come. It showed shady scenes of an airport with an English-language boarding call to Gate A03 — the only English in the French-and-Arabic video. That’s a gate number used, for one, at the Berlin airport by Air Berlin.

Later in the video, an airport departures sign is shown — with the date of the Brussels attacks, but at 1:39 p.m. (the Brussels airport attack occurred just before 8 a.m.). The sign is from Rome’s airport.

Rome is a key target in ISIS’ apocalyptic vision of conquest.

On Thursday, Italian authorities issued arrest warrants for six members of an ISIS cell that reportedly planned to attack the Vatican and the Israeli Embassy in Rome. Officials said they weren’t far into the planning stages, but “there was a decision, an accentuated willingness, to proceed.” Two of the wanted men are believed to have fled to the Islamic State.

(ISIS video)

(ISIS video)

(ISIS video)

(ISIS video)