Homeland Security

Seven Iranians Indicted for Hacking U.S. Banks, Dam on Behalf of Regime

Attorney General Loretta Lynch and FBI Director James Comey stand by a wanted poster of Iranians indicted for hacking during a news conference at the Justice Department in Washington on March 24, 2016. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

The FBI said today that seven Iranians have been indicted for a series of cyber attacks on behalf of the regime.

Beginning in 2011 and running through 2013, a series of distributed denial of service attacks hit nearly 50 financial institutions in the United States, costing “tens of millions” of dollars to fix.

One of the wanted men is accused of being behind the hacking of the Bowman Dam in Rye, N.Y., in 2013.

One received credit from the Iranian government toward his mandatory military service requirement by orchestrating some of the hacks, the FBI said.

“The FBI will find those behind cyber intrusions and hold them accountable, wherever they are, and whoever they are,” FBI Director James Comey said at a press conference today.

“By calling out the individuals and nations who use cyber attacks to threaten American enterprise, as we have done in this indictment, we will change behavior,” Comey said.

Interpol Red Notices have been issued for the suspects, who are all believed to be inside Iran.

Each of the wanted men was a manager or employee of ITSecTeam or Mersad, companies that did work for the Iranian Government, including the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

“The world is small, and our memories are long. No matter where hackers are in the world and no matter how hard they try to conceal their identities, we will find ways to pierce that shield and identify them. That is the message of this case.”

Attorney General Loretta Lynch said her department “will continue to pursue national security cyber threats through the use of all available tools, including public criminal charges.”