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ISIS Encourages More 'Couples Jihad' Like San Bernardino Attack

ISIS released a new issue of its magazine, Dabiq, praising the San Bernardino terrorists and encouraging others to consider couples jihad like Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik.

The pair killed 14 people at a county Christmas party in the deadliest terror attack on American soil since 9/11.

“The Khilāfah’s call for the Muslims to strike the crusaders in their own lands was answered once more, but on this particular occasion the attack was unique. The mujāhid involved did not suffice with embarking upon the noble path of jihād alone. Rather, he conducted the operation together with his wife, with the two thereby aiding one another in righteousness and taqwā [piety],” states the praise of the attack in the magazine’s foreword.

“…How much more deserving of Allah’s blessing are a husband and wife who march out together to fight the crusaders in defense of the Khilāfah! And the brother’s blessed wife accompanied him despite the fact that combat is not even obligatory upon her, but she did not want to lose the opportunity for shahādah [martyrdom] at a time when many ‘men’ of the Ummah [Muslim community] have turned away from the obligation of jihād.”

It added that Farook and Malik “proved that they were ready to sacrifice what was dearest to them for the sake of responding to Allah” — their infant daughter, who was left an orphan in their suicide mission.

Therefore, ISIS said, would-be jihadis should take their example and leave their families if need be.

“For those who wonder how anyone could possibly leave their children behind in order to fight and be killed for the sake of Allah, we remind them of Allah’s promise to care for those left behind by the believers… use their deeds as a means to awaken more Muslims in America, Europe, and Australia.”

The article includes a graphic photo of Farook lying dead on the ground in a pool of blood — a photo originally run by TMZ.

The magazine also encourages jihadis to kill Saudi royals in revenge for “murdering mujāhidīn” in recent executions. “The only response to the shedding of Muslim blood is massacring the apostate murderers and all those who aid them – especially their loyal ‘scholars,'” the magazine states. “…It was already obligatory to spill the blood of these palace scholars, for they had apostatized years ago, defending and supporting the tāghūt in the war against Islam. However, the reason to kill them now is even greater.”

The magazine, which is the 13th glossy issue published by ISIS, also included a eulogy for “Jihadi John” Mohammed Emwazi. ISIS claimed the Briton flew under the radar during MI-5 interrogation as he “would present himself as unintelligent, as was his method when dealing with intelligence agencies.”

The killer in the videos of James Foley, Steve Sotloff, David Haines, Alan Henning, Peter Kassig, Haruna Yukawa, Kenji Goto, and various Syrian soldiers had a softer side, the ISIS article claims: “his mercy, kindness, and generosity towards the believers, his protective jealousy for Islam and its people, and his affection towards the orphans.” After a fellow jihadist was killed, they wrote, Jihadi John took his kid to the zoo.

He was killed instantly in a drone strike on his vehicle in the ISIS capital of Raqqa, the terrorist group said.

Much of the Dabiq issue is dedicated to railing against Shiites, including the cover story.

One section quotes extensively from a Nov. 16 TIME piece written by former CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell, in which he states ISIS “poses a major threat to the U.S. and to U.S. interests abroad, and that threat is growing every day.”

An article about ISIS in Afghanistan and Pakistan talks about Islamic State expansion to Kashmir “to fight the cow-worshipping Hindus.”

The ISIS leader in the region, Hafidh Said Khan, said “there’s a big opportunity, with Allah’s permission, to establish the religion of Allah there and for the Islamic State to expand to it.”

“There are specific arrangements in those regions and the Muslims will soon hear pleasant news about the Khilāfah’s expansion to those lands, inshā’allāh,” he said, citing Pakistan’s lack of official control there to counter ISIS.

The issue wraps up with a full-page ad of the Paris attackers over a backdrop of the city with the words “Just Terror.”

“Let Paris be a lesson for those nations that wish to take heed…”