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New ISIS Threat: 'Tomorrow It Will Be Washington' Unless Jizya Tax Paid

The Islamic State in Libya released a new video today with an English-speaker threatening that an attack on Washington, D.C., is next.

Referring to what ISIS calls its occupied territory around the port city of Dernah, the video is titled “From Barqah to Paris.”

It opens with two camo-clad ISIS fighters handing out candy on sparsely populated streets in celebration of the November attacks in Paris, then sitting on the beach to deliver their threats.

One jihadist first delivers a shorter statement in Arabic, followed by the English-speaker — heavily accented, likely from the African continent, and fluent.

He praises the attacks on Paris, “the carrier of the crusader banner in Europe.”

“Islam is a state. And for those who never believed or are sleeping, they have seen the thunderous action of the lions. It is a state. When you violate its rights, your hands are bound to get burnt as you have seen from France,” he said.

“All you crusaders — you claim to want to fight and degrade the Islamic State when you fail to secure your nations and your capitals. How shall you degrade us? You call your armies, like France called their armies in the streets of Paris… we will come to them, from where they do not expect.”

The jihadist vows “the revenge has started, and the blood will flow.”

“France was the beginning, tomorrow it will be Washington, it will be New York and it will be Moscow. You Russians, don’t you think that we forgot you… your time is coming, it is coming, and it will be the worst.”

He tells “crusaders” to “hold your hands against fighting us and start paying jizya” — the tax ISIS requires of non-Muslims.

“For there will be no safety in this world from our guns, from our bullets, and from our explosives, we will come to you. You want safety? Come and pay jizya and hold your hands against us. For that will only guarantee your safety.”

The jihadi also addresses the muratadeen (Muslims deemed to no longer be believers) and munafiqueen (hypocrites), noting “you claim to run to them [the West], seeking protection. Don’t you think, they cannot protect their citizens, how can they protect you? We will slaughter you, all of you.” ISIS often uses the terms to refer to rulers in countries such as Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

“We will come to you with our weapons,” he says, patting his rifle, “and our explosives,” he adds, jiggling his belt. “You will not have safety in the bedrooms of your houses.”

Of the Paris attacks, he tells Muslims: “If you do not celebrate or your hearts do not find joy in this event, then there’s something wrong with your imam. So you have to go back to your Lord and repent.”

ISIS also released today video of the beheading of an alleged Russian spy in Raqqa, Syria.

The video is titled “You Shall be Disappointed and Humiliated O Russians,” and the victim is a 23-year-old Chechen named Khasiev Magomid. The Russian government says he was not an FSB agent and they have no known ISIS hostages.