BREAKING: Several Dead, More Injured Following Terror Incident in Tribeca Area of New York City


Early reports of an incident in the Tribeca area of New York City: Local media is reporting two dead, five injured, in a combination of a shooting and a truck running over bicyclists.

NYPD says they have a suspect in custody:

CNN is saying that NYPD is treating the incident as terrorism-related:

Most recent update from NYPD:

So far it seems that a box truck ran down bicyclists for a number of blocks. The driver then emerged with some type of weapon and was then shot by police:

Local media are reporting as many as seven dead:

And there appears to be an incident at Stuyvesant High School with reports of people shot and something running into a school bus. No indications if these two incidents are related:

And there is police activity ongoing nearby:

CAUTION: These are early reports. We'll continue to update as new information is available.

Update (From Ed Driscoll) at 5:16 PM Eastern: