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Al-Qaeda: Stock Market Seesaw Shows How to Hit 'Head of Global Infidelity'

Al-Qaeda pointed to the past week's Wall Street seesaw to remind jihadists to hit the center of "global infidelity" in ways that inflict lasting economic wounds.

In the latest issue of their Al-Nafir Bulletin, a short topical essay published periodically by al-Qaeda's Global Islamic Media Front, the terror group noted that "after the blessed raids of the 11th of September, when most brothers were interested to know the number of dead and wounded among the Zio-Crusader enemy, Sheikh Usama bin Laden... paid more attention to the economic news."

"He followed the major changes and the period that devastated the global infidel economy. Throughout his command of the battle against the Zio-Crusader alliance, he focused on the economic situation and interpreting it with his brothers who had experience and expertise in this regard," the bulletin added.

Al-Qaeda has traditionally encouraged jihadists, particularly through al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula's English-language Inspire magazine, to consider economic impact when selecting attacks methods and targets.

Bin Laden, the group said in the new communique, "understood that the destruction of the global infidelity consisted of targeting and destroying the components of this economy, and targeting the confidence of the Western consumer who is affected negatively or positively on the basis of him feeling secure or not."

"Praise be to Allah, since those blessed raids, as soon as the global infidel economy comes out of a crisis, it gets into another. All their efforts to rehabilitate their economy and to save it from the consequences of the battles failed miserably," they added. "Rather, the economy worsened and entered a dark tunnel. American debts reached soaring number beyond $20 trillion; that is, more than 120% of the Gross National Product. Numerous economic analysts and experts reached the conclusion that the American economy is threatened with total collapse because of this dangerous and unprecedented increase in the overall debts of the head of the global infidelity, America."

"The good news good news during this week, called the 'week of madness,' brings more disturbance and instability in the American and global financial markets. The main stocks in the American and global exchange markets dropped sharply, in some cases below 10 percent, in an economic change that is confusing even the head of the pyramid, the Hubal [moon god] of the era of conceited America, Trump."

Al-Qaeda continued by saying "setbacks happened despite the report of positive economic figures in the unemployment rate and growth rate."

"The fool stated in his recent tweets, surprised by what happened, saying: 'In the past when good news is released, financial markets go up. But today when good news is reported, financial markets go down. It is a big mistake.' Yes, it is the dark tunnel in which the Mujahideen played a role to drag America into, thanks to their sacrifices, patience, and firmness, as we consider them, and Allah is sufficient unto them," the bulletin said. "With the permission, the strength, and the might of Allah, America can only come out of it exhausted and destroyed, dragging behind it the burdens of disappointment and defeat."