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Al-Qaeda Reveals Their Nickname for Trump: 'T-Rambo'

Al-Qaeda unveiled their new nickname for President Trump in a new message slamming the past three commanders in chief as the "stupidest" of all time and degrading America's superpower status.

The half-hour-long As-Sahab Media message from spokesman Hussam Abd al-Raoof, an Egyptian with jihad roots reaching back to the 1980s, was titled "The Disgraceful Strategy of T-Rambo 'The Awful.'"

"Since the last two decades the American nation and the whole world has suffered due to three presidents of America," al-Raoof said. "They are as follows: George Bush the 'obeyed stupid,' as described by Shekyh Osama bin Laden. Then came the fugitive slave of his creator and his religion: Obama, Mr. 'Yes We Can' and, as the world saw, who in the end turned into Mr. 'No We Couldn't.'"

"And then came the third piece. I name him Donald T-Rambo, who tries to copy the famous American fictional character 'Rambo' who with only a Kalashnikov was able to liberate the entire Afghanistan from the Soviet Union," said the veteran of that Soviet conflict in Afghanistan.

"God willing, he will be the murderer of the American nation," al-Raoof added.

Showing video of Trump's sword dance during his May 2017 visit to Saudi Arabia, al-Raoof called it "very astonishing that the Kingdom of Mercy and Humanity gathered all the kings, presidents and heads of the Muslim countries to hear his brays, his threats and his menace and to give him gifts worth a billion and three hundred million dollars while making people's lives in their kingdoms more difficult as more taxes are imposed on them and asking them to tighten their belts."

"These three presidents are similar in character, morals and result... the proof that these three are definitely the stupidest, weakest and the worst American presidents of all time is, firstly, the terrible downfall to American dominance on the world's politics," the al-Qaeda spokesman said. "Previously, this country has enforced its politics on most of the world's nations, which obey it without any hesitation, and today those countries, to whom the so-called superpower hadn't thought worth of paying any attention, are now roaring at it."

The video then goes into an analysis of the U.S. national debt, citing hikes under "stupid" Bush in 2001 and the $16.4 trillion mark under Obama in 2014. "This is proof of their stupidity and refusal to acknowledge their mistakes and to change their policies practically; instead they continue to support" Pakistan," he said.

"The funny thing is that the evil T-Rambo has started his ill-fated presidency with the promise to defeat 'extremists' and 'terrorists' as he claims in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia and the whole world as if he controls the heavens and the earth. And as if he will be able to use these coward filthy and worthless American troops to accomplish what previous presidents couldn't," al-Raoof continued.