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Al-Qaeda: Muslims Decrying Holocaust 'Have Given Us a Headache'

Al-Qaeda implored jihadists in Syria to "forget your differences and put them behind your backs" and use the bombardment and humanitarian crisis in Ghouta to their advantage.

Last week, al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri stressed the unification theme, telling jihadists in Syria to "settle yourselves into it being a battle which may last for many years and perhaps decades" by putting aside beefs between terror groups.

In the latest issue of their Al-Nafir Bulletin, a short topical essay published periodically by al-Qaeda's Global Islamic Media Front, the terror group began by decrying "the Jews and those of global disbelief ... from both the West and the East and their slaves from the apostate Arab and non-Arabs" who "have given us a headache ... in what they have claimed from the Holocaust."

"But the General Secretary of the Islam Association (American), which is funded by the apostate as Sa'ud rulers, came out to remind us of the tragedy of the Zionists in this drama which is full of repetition even its supporters are among the disbelievers," they said, perhaps referring to the partnership between the American Jewish Committee (AJC) and the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), "while the Pope of the Crusader Church during his trip to Burma did not utter a word of denunciation for the massacres which its people are exposed to and which its limit even increased during his trip."

Al-Qaeda called killings of Muslims "in Iraq and Afghanistan and Yemen and Palestine and Kashmir and the rest of the Muslim world" the "worst massacres which humanity has never seen and which did not arouse the hypocritical world."

"And today all of the Muslims follow what happens, from massacres and crimes against the impoverished in the Muslim canopy of al Ghouta, heartbreaking images, and which move the heart, and the Christian-Communist enemy and with the help of the global disbelievers did not restrain from its tyranny of women nor small children nor elderly men, bombing and exploding and destroying with all types of weapons, among them chemical weapons and cluster bombs, and we seek refuge in Allah," the terror group continued.

"The institutes and organizations and the government are in blatant complicity and their lowest sin in a deep coma, most of what they offer is a statement of condemnation and apathy," they added.

Al-Qaeda told Muslims that "the lion of the lion's den has risen and who is not pleased with this world," and directed them to "carry your head above your shoulder wishing for death as its habitat in order to please Allah and defend your religion and your Ummah."

"It is incumbent upon the organizations and the institutes and the groups affiliated with Islamic work to be aware that the time has come to align the ranks and unite the efforts and coordinate the mission to respond to the disbelievers in their field, and today al Ghouta and tomorrow is Riyadh and Ribet, and the hearts of the mujahedin are open and their hands are extended to cooperate and collaborate while serving the religion and defending the impoverished and responding to the cleverness of the aggressors," the bulletin continued. "Verily each bullet is not directed to slay the enemy, and each word does not call for unity of the Muslims and inciting them to jihad, which is what he will be held accountable for on Judgment Day."