Who Will Blink First: Iran, or Trump?

This ongoing Obama administration solicitude for Iran may have fostered complacency in Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, who boasted right after the election that there was no chance of Trump rolling back the deal. Rouhani explained:

Iran’s understanding in the nuclear deal was that the accord was not concluded with one country or government but was approved by a resolution of the UN Security Council and there is no possibility that it can be changed by a single government. … The United States no longer has the capacity to create Iranophobia and to create a consensus against Iran. The constructive engagement policies of Iran towards the world, and the fact that international sanctions have been lifted, have placed the Iranian economy on a road where there is no possibility of going backwards.

Khamenei was apparently a bit less certain that it would be all smooth sailing from here on out, as he felt compelled to add a threat:

The latest is extension of sanctions for 10 years, that if it happens, would surely be against JCPOA [Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, the official name of the Iran nuclear deal], and the Islamic Republic would definitely react to it.

It remains to be seen whether President-elect Trump will take such threats seriously enough to back off on his pledge to “rip up” the Iranian nuclear deal. It is certain, however, that if he is serious about restoring America’s national security and standing in the world, he will not be able to afford to continue Obama’s policies of ignoring Iranian breaches of the agreement and showering upon them all manner of largesse.

It will either be no deal with Iran and a secure America, or a deal with Iran and continued appeasement and weakness in response to enemies who have vowed to destroy us. This is one swamp in dire need of draining.