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Taliban to Trump: Don't 'Seek Any More Titles of Ignominy'

ISIS published their weekly newspaper, al-Naba, as scheduled Thursday, but there was no mention of Trump within its 16 pages.

They have not yet published their monthly Rumiyah magazine, which should have come out last week.

The election is being discussed in chatrooms of both al-Qaeda and ISIS supporters, as captured by SITE Intel Group.

One such conversation included a user saying jihadists needed the country to "be delivered to a donkey like Trump who will destroy it."

"The world is going to experience a change, and this change will put Islam in the leadership position as the end result," the chatroom user said. "In fact, the election of Trump is but an indication of the end of the American empire, so that it draws its last breath at the hands of this fool."

Abdallah Muhammad Bin-Sulayman al-Muhaysini, a Jabhat Fateh al-Sham leader, was sanctioned today by the Treasury Department for recruiting -- including thousands of child soldiers -- and fundraising for the group.

He also tweeted about Trump today, calling his election an "important step toward victory."

Al-Muhaysini said Trump would cut down on their recruiting time in trying to explain that America is waging a war against Islam, not terrorism.

"The American policy will not change a lot," the terror leader predicted. "What's been changed was the method of war tactics from the secret to the declared... and this is good."

"Obama depends on the harmonization and the containment in America's internal affairs, and Trump depends on the exclusion and the abolition of his violators... may Allah increase their separation."