Clinton Foundation Employed a Now-Imprisoned Senior Muslim Brotherhood Official

Morsi's power grab launched a series of protests in December 2012. The Muslim Brotherhood unleashed its shock troop cadres on protesters, including setting up torture chambers for anti-Morsi protesters -- all with Gehad's vocal approval:

And as the Ministry of Interior and the police continued to resist Morsi's violence against protesters, Gehad continued to threaten retaliation:

Continuing into 2013, Morsi's regime continued to lose legitimacy in the face of growing protests culminating in the June 30 "Tamarod" protests, where tens of millions of Egyptians took to the streets against Morsi.

In the run-up to June 30, Gehad announced the regime's moves to counter the protesters:

He also was caught recycling pictures from previous protests to slander the June 30th protests as trying to reinstall the former president, Hosni Mubarak:


In response to what may be the largest political protests in recorded human history, the June 30 protests and the intransigence of Morsi on heeding calls for new elections, the Egyptian army stepped in and deposed Morsi on July 3, 2013.

After Morsi's removal and as the Muslim Brotherhood seized several critical areas of Cairo in response to grind the city to a halt, Gehad continued to roll out the fake propaganda.

In one case in July 2013, he posted on Facebook a picture that he represented as a mother who was a Morsi supporter whom he claimed had been killed by Egyptian police. But in fact the picture was from Syria in December 2012:


Reporters covering the Muslim Brotherhood's protests complained that Gehad did nothing as they were beaten by Muslim Brotherhood cadres at the protests: