As Hillary Abandons Ohio, Media Says Ohio Is 'Too White and Uneducated' Anyway

That's a considerable departure from 2012, when -- of course -- the New York Times declared that Ohio might be the key to Obama's reelection.

TIME parrots this bigoted "Ohio is too white and uneducated" theme, too:

Ohio is less the bellwether state it once was, and its large contingent of white working-class voters and aging Rust Belt factory towns are making it look more like Trump territory. Swing states like Florida, Nevada and Colorado have fast-growing Hispanic populations, but Ohio’s nonwhite population rose just 1.1% compared with 2.2% for the rest of the country since 2012.

The days when a Democratic candidate needed to win Ohio in order to win the White House may be over. “This is about a speed bump, not a roadblock,” a Clinton ally with Ohio experience said. “She can get to 270 without Ohio. He cannot.”

So, has there been a massive demographic shift in Ohio that has gone unnoticed and unreported until this campaign cycle?


All that has changed in Ohio is its enthusiasm for the Democratic presidential candidate. The media, covering for Hillary, has taken up unabashed bigotry and elitism to explain away her downward trend.

To see how things have changed for Clinton in Ohio, see this Washington Post article from Monday, where a paid Hillary Clinton staffer was unable to secure a single voter registration at Ohio State -- the largest one-campus university in the country:

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