Miami College Student Among 20 Hostages Tortured, Killed in Bangladesh Cafe

Tarishi Jain, an Indian national who was studying at University of California at Berkeley, was also among the dead. Her father lives in Dhaka, and was keeping vigil outside the police perimeter during the standoff. She had begun a summer internship in the city last month. A vigil will be held on campus Tuesday, the university said.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott ordered flags flown at half-staff on Sunday in Kabir's honor. "When one American is attacked, our entire nation is attacked. We must immediately do everything we can to eliminate ISIS. We cannot afford to see more lives lost at the hands of terrorists," Scott said, referencing the June 12 Orlando attack.

The White House issued a statement condemning the attack "in the strongest terms."

"Our deepest condolences go out to the families and loved ones of those killed, and we hope for a speedy recovery for those wounded," said the statement from press secretary Josh Earnest. "This is a despicable act of terrorism, and the United States stands with Bangladesh and the international community in our resolve to confront terrorism wherever it occurs."

The terrorists were homegrown -- Bangladeshis who were already on cops' radar.

“From Paris to Brussels to Istanbul to now Dhaka, terrorists continue to answer the call to murder innocent civilians in the name of the Islamic State," Rubio said. "Under President Obama's watch this scourge has metastasized due to failed policies that insufficiently address the root cause of this problem. Without a substantial change in posture, I fear we will only see more attacks like we have today.”

One of the Bangladesh terrorists, in a photo released by ISIS' Amaq news agency. One of the Bangladesh terrorists, in a photo released by ISIS' Amaq news agency.