To Spite Israel, France Hosting Mideast 'Peace' Talks Without Inviting Pro-Israel Voice

So why the push for a “peace” conference? Correctly, Israel does not see this French initiative -- nor the support it may gain from other quarters -- as benign, or even as rationally motivated. Instead, Israel sees France acting out of a growing need to appease Muslim populations in France and elsewhere in Europe. Additionally Israel sees the mounting tide of anti-Israel sentiment that often starkly reveals itself as simple anti-Semitism: for example, it currently appears within the British Labour Party.

Traditionally, the counterforce to such initiatives has been the U.S., which at least takes Israeli interests into account. Most crucially, the U.S. has historically defended Israel at the UN Security Council, which is the end-goal of the current French/Palestinian effort.

This time around, however, Washington is a frail reed to lean on.