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U.S.-Backed #CVESymposium Exposes Farce of 'Countering Violent Extremism' Programs

Some of the helpful insights from the CVE Symposium speakers came from a panel that declared U.S. laws banning terrorist organizations hinder CVE efforts:

Former White House director for community engagement George Selim, now at DHS, let slip how much a farce "countering violent extremism" really is by admitting CVE was just a term used by the D.C. "smart set" inside the Beltway:

No D.C. "smart set" event would be complete without the "my politically correct grievance-mongering is more equal than yours" back-and-forth:

The "experts" knew exactly who CVE needs to target -- right wingers:

Also, the "extremist violence of western foreign policy," courtesy of this George Washington University prof:

The Obama administration's CVE efforts began in spring 2010 when the DHS CVE Working Group published their recommendation. Among those participating in the DHS task force were Obama Muslim outreach allies Dalia Mogahed, Mohamed Magid, and Mohamed Elibiary.

But the CVE efforts began in earnest in 2012, when U.S. Muslim groups demanded a "purge" of counter-terrorism trainers and curriculum. The White House quickly responded with a widespread "purge" across all federal agencies.

So it is remarkable that the loudest voices condemning the Obama administration's CVE programs, including the Soros-funded Article 19 and Charity and Security Network, are the same Muslim groups, academics, and far Left activists who demanded it in the first place:

Just yesterday, Muslim activists in Minneapolis -- one of three cities where the White House launched local CVE programs -- held a press conference to denounce the Obama administration's CVE efforts:

Another city with serious radicalization problems, Boston -- also hosting a local White House CVE program -- is facing a pushback by Muslim organizations:

It's no surprise then that these Obama administration CVE programs are so far an abysmal failure:

How big a failure are the Obama CVE programs? Their supporters now have to resort to the "even if they don't work, they're still helpful" excuse:

Finally, the organizers of today's CVE symposium had the perfect prescription for event participants to handle the farce that Obama's highly touted CVE programs have predictably become -- happy hour:

And of course, a plea for the snake oil that cures all D.C. CVE "smart set" ills -- more government money: