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Bernie Sanders Alludes to Ridiculous 'Muslims Are the New Jews' Meme

The purpose of statements like the one Sanders made is to intimidate people into thinking that criticism of Islam in connection with jihad terror leads to concentration camps. Therefore, there must be no criticism of Islam in connection with jihad terror.

Calling Muslims “the new Jews” involves this irrational assumption: if one group was unjustly accused of plotting subversion and violence and was then viciously persecuted and massacred on the basis of those false accusations, then any group accused of plotting subversion and violence must be innocent, and any such accusation must be in service of preparing for their subversion and massacre.

Mentioning the Holocaust in criticizing opposition to jihad terror is simply an attempt to foreclose on any criticism of jihad terror and Islamic supremacism. The effect would be to enable jihad terrorists to continue their work without opposition. But in that event, as new bombs went off and jihadis murdered more and more Americans, at least Bernie Sanders could congratulate himself that he stood up firmly and resolutely against “racism.”