Daily Bible Reflection 11/29

Continuing a plan to get through the entire Bible in a year, follow as I journal through the reading. I have chosen a straightforward approach that begins in Genesis and ends in Revelation. This will not be an in-depth study or a comprehensive commentary. There are plenty of sources for such material. This is stage one Bible reading, taking the text at face value and sharing impressions.

Today’s reading comes from the book of Joshua, chapters 19 through 21, continuing to distribute the Promised Land to Israel. Some impressions from the text:

  • Once again, we’re presented with a straightforward list of land division which makes for dry reading.
  • Once again, the point of the list is to demonstrate that God fulfills his promises. That much is made explicit at the end of Chapter 21. “Not one word of all the good promises that the Lord had made to the house of Israel had failed; all came to pass.”
  • Along with inheritances for each of the tribes of Israel, applicable laws which were received in the wilderness yet had no application until now go into effect. Specifically, the cities of refuge are established, and the Levites are provided for by contributions of land from the other tribes.

Return soon as we continue our year-long journey through the text of the Bible.

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