SNL's 'God Is a Boob Man' Flips the Moral Script

screen capture from YouTube

Several factors conspire to make the recent Saturday Night Live sketch, “God Is a Boob Man,” unfunny. It comes off as joyless mockery, more like vicious scolding than poking fun. Attempting to present a caricature of a gay couple forcing themselves on an unwilling vendor, they end up portraying the reality of gay couples forcing themselves on unwilling vendors. This is something that is actually happening, and not too unlike the way they show it.

“Make the cake,” a gay customer commands a Christian baker, backing the demand with a threat of litigation. This is funny? This is a joke? No, this is happening. People are being compelled under the force of law to violate their conscience, and SNL presents it as trivial.

A scene in the office of a fictional governor conveys the inverted morality of the writers. Confronted by his staff about crises of poverty, obesity, and teen pregnancy in his state, the governor finds his top priority when our baker walks in. “I want to deny basic goods and services to gay people,” she says. It’s meant to be profound, a comic restatement of how many view recent laws passed in North Carolina and Mississippi. Government in these places should be focused on wealth redistribution and behavior modification, it is implied, not protecting individual rights.

What the writers intend as mockery of messed up priorities unintentionally portrays what government’s priority should actually be. Yes, when constituents’ fundamental freedom of conscience is under threat, government should act vigorously to protect it. That is its one and only job.

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