Gay Christian's Struggle Reflects Every Christian's Struggle

Consider the following testimony from a believer about how he endures temptation:

I plug my ears to the wisdom of this world and look to my Creator — that’s what I do. I know that sounds like a super cliché, Christianese thing to say, but hear me out. If the God of the Bible is the engineer of my soul, then he knows the ins and outs of my being more thoroughly than I or anyone else ever could. If the God of the Bible is responsible for all of the intricate complexities of my spirit, mind, and body, then he knows better than anyone else what will actually bring me the deepest and most enduring joy.

So when I start to question what will truly make me happiest, by the power of the Spirit, I shut out the world’s ignorant opinions and run to the One who knows me best. I go to Jesus, and I listen to him instead.

Does it matter what particular temptation the author is referring to? Not really. This is the same process believers go through when dealing with any temptation to substitute the standards of the world for the standards of God.

That said, it is worth noting that author Matt Moore here writes of his struggle with same-sex attraction. He writes of the difficulty which the recent shift toward acceptance of homosexuality has placed on his ongoing struggle with sin. Certainly, it’s never easy to deal with temptation. But it helps when supported by a culture that shares your convictions. Increasingly, if you happen to be a Christan with same-sex attractions who remains nonetheless committed to adhering to biblical requirements, such cultural support is eroding.

We might sympathize with Moore and others in his particular situation. However, to one degree or another, all believers find ourselves in a similar situation. There are many sins aside from homosexuality which “the wisdom of this world” finds acceptable. They may not attract the same controversy or have as high of a profile. But they present no less of a challenge for those believers tempted to succumb to them.