No, The Christmas Story Does Not Compare to Syrian Refugees

Variations on the above meme have been making their way around social media. This one was posted by Free Talk Live and aims to shame Christians for opposing the intake of Syrian refugees. Another posted by Daily Kos trolls, “If only there were a seasonally appropriate story about Middle Eastern people seeking refuge being turned away by heartless people.”

Of course, it’s fairly disingenuous to compare a family returning to their place of birth to comply with a government census with refugees from a war-torn foreign land, particularly when the latter are reasonably suspected of adhering to an ideology calling for the subjugation or annihilation of their hosts.

Commenting on the above meme, Michael L. Harp writes, “Of course that middle eastern family [Mary and Joseph] wanted nothing more than to murder and gang rape non believers, correct?” It’s a fair point.
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