James Dobson Unleashes 25K Prayers for Kavanaugh in ‘Spiritual Battle’ Amid ‘Character Assassination’

On Thursday, evangelical leader James Dobson unleashed a powerful call for prayer for Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh and his family. In just over one day, at least 801,000 people have seen the post on Facebook, and more than 25,000 people have commented, most of them expressing their prayers for the Kavanaugh family.

“What has stood out to me is how rapidly and strongly so many of our families responded with support and encouragement and prayer,” Jenna Lynn Ellis, director of public policy at the James Dobson Family Institute, told PJ Media on Friday. “This sends our government a strong message that Christian families care about our government and policy and how it treats our process.”

“No person in America should ever be subjected to the kind of character assassination and bad faith actions Kavanaugh and his family have gone through,” Ellis declared. “I echo Dr. Dobson’s call for Christians to lead the way to champion civil discourse, due process, fairness, and kindness.”

In Kavanaugh’s words, he has gone through “hell and then some.” Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) sat on Christine Blasey Ford’s sexual assault allegations for six weeks, refusing to bring them up in private meetings with Kavanaugh. Then she sent them to the FBI, releasing a firestorm as Kavanaugh denied them but was not given a chance to defend himself until a week later, after four more allegations came out.

None of the allegations were backed up with eyewitness testimony or evidence. A broken Brett Kavanaugh testified that this entire ordeal has wreaked havoc on his family. He choked back tears, describing his daughter’s prayer for his accuser. Amid the scuffle, reporters camped out in front of Kavanaugh’s house. His wife brought them cupcakes.

Democrats have unleashed a flurry of disruptive protests in Washington, D.C., with cries of “Believe Survivors.” If that attack won’t work, liberals have pushed the idea that Kavanaugh lied under oath, or that his self-defense somehow disqualifies him from serving on the Supreme Court. All the while, Democrats have argued that Kavanaugh does not deserve the presumption that he is innocent until proven guilty, despite the ugliness of the accusations.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.)’s speech revealed this witch hunt for what it is. Yesterday, he quipped, “Why don’t we dunk him in water and see if he floats?”

Ellis told PJ Media that James Dobson “calls this a spiritual battle because this isn’t just about one confirmation.” She agreed with liberals that the future of the Supreme Court hinges on Kavanaugh’s confirmation, as he would become the “fifth vote” on key issues.

“This is about a shift in the Supreme Court away from progressive liberalism [to Constitutional originalism] that will serve to preserve and protect our children and their children, and protect fundamental rights most central to the family: religious freedom, parental rights, sanctity of life, and education,” Ellis declared. “This is a spritual battle for the soul of America.”

“The Dobson Policy Center exists to support and encourage conservative public policy and the U.S. Constitution,” she added. “We support an originalist conservative interpretation and application of the Constitution and support Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation.”

“We posted a call on our social media, which has more than 7M followers, to post messages of encouragement to Judge Kavanaugh and his family. Not surprisingly, our families across America responded with a strong message of support,” Ellis said.

Indeed, thousands have expressed their support and pledged their prayers via social media.

“So sorry for the way some Americans have treated you. They, however, do not speak for the rest of us,” declared Deb Nickolson, to 127 reactions. “You and your family are in our prayers.”

“This has reminded me of the story of Joseph and how his brothers resented him and plotted to get rid of him,” Angela Erickson Stewart said in a post that received 231 reactions. “But in the end, Joseph was placed in high authority over them. He said, ‘You meant it for my harm but God used it for my good.’ God must have mighty plans for you, Judge Kavanaugh, for Satan and his minions to be fighting you so hard. You and yours have the prayers of our family.”

To be clear, when conservative Christians refer to a spiritual battle, they are not necessarily calling liberals the minions of Satan. Kathy Barenkamp cited Ephesians 6:10-20, a passage about spiritual warfare that declares in part, “we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.”

“Judge Kavanaugh and family… Thank you for not backing down to the liberals’ agenda!” Barenkamp wrote, in a post that received 849 reactions. “We all knew this was a spiritual warfare battle as in Ephesians 6:10-20. You are brave beyond words! We have prayed Psalms 40 for you as requested by your precious wife. God heard and answered our prayers!”

Other well-wishers mentioned Kavanaugh’s daughter Liza’s prayers for Christine Blasey Ford, Kavanaugh’s accuser.

“Thank you, judge, for keeping your faith. Thank you, Ashley and the girls for showing a great example of Christ by praying for the accuser. We are raising boys and teaching them to honor and respect girls, and to be men of their word,” Ghana Yousef Erickson wrote in a post that received 40 reactions.

The James Dobson Policy Center Facebook call for prayer for Brett Kavanaugh is only part of the organization’s effort to encourage Christians to pray for America and to vote their values as the 2018 midterm elections approach.

“The Ship of State, on which we all are passengers, is steaming into uncharted waters, and the midterm elections occurring on November 6 will determine its course for decades to come,” James Dobson wrote in his October newsletter. “That’s why my letter this month conveys a single urgent message. Christians must go to the polls next month and let their voices be heard! Turnout will determine the outcome.”

Polls have suggested that the disgusting Democrat tactics against Brett Kavanaugh have energized Republicans in the run-up to the election. As Lindsey Graham declared, Democrat tactics revealed how desperately they “want power.” Graham added, “God, I hope you never get it.”

In the past year, Democrats have egged on harassment of public officials when they are not at work. Responding to this call, liberal protesters have harassed Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen at her home, threatened Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine), jeered Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) out of a Washington, D.C. restaurant, and trapped Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) in an elevator.

Amid all this, Kelley Paul — wife to Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), who has faced death threats, lived through the congressional baseball game shooting, and was severely injured by his neighbor, an incident liberals have mocked — wished well for the Democrats who mocked her husband’s injuries.

Kavanaugh’s wife Ashley with her cupcakes, Kavanaugh’s daughter Liza with her prayers, and Kelley Paul with her well-wishes set the standard for civility that is so lacking in America today. The 25,000 Christians across America praying for Kavanaugh and his family are also playing a key role in responding to this horrific situation by turning to God.

“I’m grateful to everyone who has prayed for and encouraged Judge Kavanaugh through their messages,” Ellis told PJ Media. “We must continue to pray over the next critical hours before the vote for confirmation.”

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