Transgender Man Identifies as Alien, Plans to Remove Genitals, Adopt Kids

You thought 2017 couldn’t get any weirder. Meet 22-year-old Vinny Ohh, a Los Angeles transgender man who identifies as an alien. Yes, you read that right. No, not an illegal alien, an extraterrestrial. After spending nearly $50,000 in cosmetic surgeries, he intends to fork over another $160,000 to get his genitals removed. Oh, and when he gets older, he plans to adopt kids.


“I kind of have a rebellious vibe to feel like I’m a freak, I’m a weirdo, and then someone, some people came up to me and were like, ‘You kind of look like a Martian,’ and I was like, ‘Actually I think I’m gonna use that negativity positivity,'” Ohh told “This Morning” hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby on Britain’s Independent Television (ITV) network. “With the whole Martian alien thing, I was like, ‘Actually, that’s kind of sexy, let’s go for it.’ So now I’ve adopted this whole alien vibe.”

The Mirror reported that this “alien vibe” has already cost Ohh £40,000 (a little less than $50,000) in 110 cosmetic surgeries, and he hasn’t even made the more drastic changes. The next steps will cost £130,000 (almost $160,000), and will permanently disfigure his body.

“Yes, so my next steps would be to possibly remove my genitals, my nipples, my belly button, just to kind of give me a complete blank sexual sexless look,” Ohh said. Makes so much sense, doesn’t it?

Furthermore, these procedures are dangerous, so Ohh could “absolutely not” get them done in the United States. The transitioning alien told “This Morning” that he is considering two doctors in Sweden and one in Thailand — yes, Thailand — for these procedures.

Schofield asked the aspiring Martian if this would dampen his romantic prospects. “No, I’m not interested in relationships,” Ohh responded. “I’m more in love with the kids and the community, the freaks and to make them not feel so weird,” the trans-terrestrial being declared.


An incredulous Schofield further asked whether Ohh might regret his actions, “when you’re a 70-year-old alien.” The little green man said he didn’t think he would.

“I do not see me having any regret when I’m seventy,” the space-dweller explained. “I see myself possibly like adopting children and raising them, just totally fine. I don’t need sexual organs to do so. So I don’t see myself regretting it.” No word on whether he is open to adopting kids from Alpha Centauri.

When asked about his parents, Ohh admitted that “they say I’m crazy,” but he added that “the only concern that my family and friends have is that I’m safe.”

Schofield joked that if Earth is ever invaded, “we’re going to send you to meet them first.” If Ohh is a true example of Earth’s sanity, however, the planet is already doomed.

People, creatures, extraterrestrials like Ohh may seem otherworldly, but they are arguably the logical extension of transgender ideology. And Ohh is not alone. There’s the 55-year-old dragon lady, born “Richard Hernandez,” but now identifying itself as “Eva Tiamat Baphomet Medusa.” There’s the movement of “human pups” — grown men who dress up and act like dogs in a homosexual relationship. And let’s not forget the Norwegian woman who thinks she’s a cat.

There are differing degrees of insanity, to be sure. The transgender dragon lady had hisher, its nose and ears removed. The human pups and the Norwegian cat haven’t necessarily undergone surgery — yet.


It starts out innocently, to be sure. Many transgender advocates note the staggeringly high rates of suicide among those who identify as transgender — which are arguably the result of mental illness rather than societal discrimination. Encouraging the delusion that a biological male is really a female because he “feels that way on the inside” is often an attempt to save the person’s life.

But the fact of the matter is that biologically, a person with an “X” chromosome and a “Y” chromosome is a male, and one with two “X” chromosomes is a female. This is readily discernible from human anatomy, and while there are tragic cases of people born with sexual abnormalities, transgenderism is about sexually healthy males or females who identify with the opposite sex. The cold, hard truth is that even if a transgender person has surgery to switch sexual organs and to alter their hormonal chemistry, he or she will never truly be the opposite sex — no matter how good the surgery, their DNA will belie the truth.

If transgenderism is so obviously wrong and delusional, why do people encourage it? There are two primary reasons. Among children in particular, parents, teachers, and society encourage transgenderism because they fear the child will commit suicide if he or she is denied his or her supposedly innate desires.

The other explanation is spiritual. The Bible teaches that all people know God through His general revelation, but that they worshipped idols instead (Romans 1:18-23).


Different people throughout history have idolized different things, but it seems that the modern world idolizes sexual desire, self-discovery, and identity above all things.

The LGBT movement is the flowering of this nexus of sexual desire, self-discovery, and identity. It is the apotheosis of the snowflakes. Each person’s individual feelings, individual self-worth, individual sexual desire and identity are paramount.

This idolatry leads to another biblical result: “Claiming to be wise, they became fools.” What could be more foolish than investing hundreds of thousands of dollars to mutilate one’s sexual organs beyond repair and to become something out of fiction, either dragon or alien?

Now, Christianity is often attacked as having nothing loving to say to transgender people. This is false. There are a few good things of which even transgenderism is a perversion. In Jesus Christ, each person will be given a totally unique identity (Revelation 2:17) and their resurrected body will be more than the current frail human body.

This doctrine gives hope to those who are transgender — that their identity matters, and that God will ultimately fix their confusions. But in order to receive this, a Christian must repent of sin and wholly surrender his or her identity to God. Only in God’s new heaven and new earth will human identity take on its true meaning, and it will first have to be put to death — for it is rooted in pride and rebellion against God, who is the giver of all good things.


Jesus’ free gift of forgiveness, salvation, and eternal life lies open to all, and it provides the ultimate answer for the sadness and confusion of each transgender person. Rather than pursuing an empty (and extremely costly) identity as a Martian, Vinny Ohh can take on a new identity as an adopted son of God. He would still be a “weirdo” and “rebellious” to the world, but he would also accept his natural humanity as a gift of God. And perhaps, following such a lead, Western culture could return to sanity.

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