Whoopi Goldberg Compares Celebrating Christmas to Getting an Abortion

Earlier this week, “The View” cohost Whoopi Goldberg compared Americans’ right to celebrate Christmas to the pro-abortion idea of a “woman’s right to choose.”

“I do know that the word Christmas starts with Christ, it’s about the birth of Christ, you can’t erase that,” Goldberg declared on Tuesday’s show. She acknowledged that many people do not believe in Jesus and that the government should not establish a religion, but she protected Christians’ right to celebrate this holiday — by comparing it with a woman’s “right” to an abortion!

“It’s the same conversation with a woman’s right to choose,” Goldberg said. “What I do with my body is my right, it is not your right to tell me. The same thing is — if you believe in Christmas, it’s not my right.”

Goldberg seemed not to realize exactly how offensive this statement would be to pro-life Christians. Her remarks literally compared the birth of the Christ child to the death of millions of unborn babies.

Twitter users attacked the comments as “ignorant” and “stupid.”

Interestingly, Goldberg’s point might actually be a good argument to help open the eyes of anti-Christmas liberals. Those who suppress the declaration of “Merry Christmas” as offensive or the public display of Christmas trees as a violation of church and state need to understand just how offensive their actions are to conservative Christians.

The “War on Christmas” engenders so much anger because it cuts to the core of many Americans. Christians consider this either the most important holiday or the second-most behind Easter. This holiday celebrates the coming of God — the infinitely holy Creator of the entire universe — into the body of a human being.

It celebrates the birth which is much more than just a birth. Mary was a virgin, and her betrothed Joseph took a huge risk in agreeing to marry her anyway. Mary herself faced social stigma, rejection, and even humiliating death by stoning — yet she accepted the news joyfully and submitted humbly to God. She is truly an inspiration to all Christians through all the ages.

Mary gave life, and the life she gave literally changed the world. If this young, distressed single mother had opted for an abortion, humanity would not be able to reunite with God. If she had had an abortion, there would not have been a savior teaching selfless love to an incredulous world. If Jesus had never been born, all of history would be different — and hospitals, universities, the abolition of slavery, and even science might never have come into the world.

Celebrating this isn’t just religious. Jesus impacted modern life in very concrete ways, providing inspiration for countless generations of Christians who helped the poor, established ways of caring for the needy, studied the mysteries of God’s creation, and fought to outlaw the abuse of human beings.

One of those movements inspired by Jesus Christ was also the prohibition of abortion. The early Christians in the Roman Empire were the first to oppose the practice, which was sadly common and very dangerous in the ancient world. The pro-life movement today — which need not be merely religious — nevertheless consists mostly of true believers in Jesus Christ.

When Whoopi Goldberg compared celebrating Christmas to getting an abortion, she turned all this life-giving history on its head. But she might deserve some credit for opening the eyes of liberals.

Liberals who are extremely suspicious of religious expressions in the public square are nonetheless very dedicated to their own political ideas. One of the touchstones of liberalism is the idea that woman have a right to “their own bodies.” This personal liberty — which they associate with abortion — is actually a good way to explain to them how important religion is to their fellow Americans.

Christians indeed consider our faith as close as our own bodies. In the sacrament of Eucharist or Holy Communion, we eat bread and wine which symbolize (and to some, actually become) the body and blood of Jesus Christ. In this way, and in many others, the Christian faith is highly physical and personal, just as the “right to an abortion” is to many liberal women.

Ironically, by comparing the celebration of Christmas to pro-abortion ideology, Goldberg was trying to open the eyes of liberals, to get them to understand just how important religion and religious expressions really are to their fellow Americans.

But in attempting to do this, the actress and show host actually insulted Christmas and Christians in a horrifying way. To compare the life-giving celebration of Christmas to the life-destroying practice of abortion is not just insulting. It debases one of the most holy moments in history, which is so important because Mary did not choose abortion.

Mary chose life, and the joy of Christmas underscores how much happiness choosing life can bring. Abortion is the opposite of that, even if liberals associate personal freedom with it. Real freedom is used for good, for love, for life.

Abortion, by contrast, is the eternal “no” which contrasts with Mary’s inspiring “yes.” There is, quite simply, no comparison between Christmas and abortion.

Watch the video below.

Goldberg’s comments start at around the 26:50 mark.