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Tiffany Trump Performs Flower Girl Duties at Friends' Sexless Wedding

With Tiffany Trump serving as the flower girl, Quentin Esme Brown and Peter Carey Peterson entered into a sexless marriage earlier this month.

With friends in attendance, including the first daughter, the two socialites got married while in Las Vegas. The couple intends for their marriage to not only be sexless, but also open. They're willingly allowing each other to have sexual partners outside their marriage.

In an Instagram post, Brown attempted to clear the air by writing, "He has always been my soulmate in every sense of the word and we felt mutually that Vegas was the place to finalize our commitment to partnership. Peter and I are not romantically involved — in fact we are still dating others and will continue to seek love in all forms — we are just each other’s hearts and wish to begin our journey towards evolution, because the more we face reality, the more we can see that there is no right or wrong."

Brown added:

Peter Carey Peterson added his two cents on Instagram as well, and insisted that "we did this because we wanted to finalize our commitment to each other as life partners and best friends."

In an article posted on Yahoo Lifestyle, licensed therapist Susan Pease Gadoua said, "We don’t need to get married for any of the reasons we used to. Once you’ve got everything else in place, it is like the cherry on top."

Susan Pease Gadoua, a licensed therapist and co-author of The New “I Do,” has yet to meet anyone else with this kind of marriage, but she says it fits in with the way she sees many people deciding to change the rules to suit their relationship needs.


In her writing and her practice, Gadoua suggests that there are several different types of marriage that can work for people. A “parenting marriage,” for instance, can be between two people who aren’t romantically involved but who want to start a family together, or it can be the next step in a marriage that was once romantic but isn’t anymore.

“Basically, rather than being an emotion-based marriage, it’s a purpose-driven marriage, which is kind of a throwback to how we used to marry before the industrial revolution,” Gadoua explains.

Are Gadoua and Tiffany Trump's friend correct? Can we define marriage solely based on terms that work for us?

According to the Bible, the answer is a resounding, "No!"

Contradicting the current belief, the Bible teaches that God created and defines marriage, not humans. In Genesis 2, after the creation of Eve and her union to Adam, Moses writes in verse 24, "Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh."