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Three Reasons Why Christians Should Support President Trump's Border Policy

The recent attempts by illegal aliens to storm the border and enter the United States raise the question of whether or not Christians should support President Trump's policy of zero toleration of illegal immigration. Some have stated that the Bible requires an open borders policy and letting all the illegal aliens in. On the contrary, I believe it is biblical (and therefore just and moral) to uphold President Trump's policy and NOT to let illegal aliens into the United States.

I support the president's policy for the following three reasons:

1. The Bible upholds the right to self-defense.

The Bible upholds your right to defend yourself.

If God allows individuals to practice self-defense in the Bible, then it is just and right for whole nations to do the same to protect themselves, especially for a nation at war with murderous jihadists, narco-terrorists, gang-bangers, human traffickers, and a host of other bloodthirsty criminals. According to the Apostle Paul in Romans 13:1-4, government is appointed by God to restrain evildoers. The same passage adds that government is entrusted by God with the use of force ("for he does not bear the sword in vain") to stop those who would harm innocent people.

It is clear to me that those who blatantly refuse to obey the law and attempt to illegally enter the United States do not have good intentions. If they were sweet little innocent people they would follow the processes to legally enter the country and not try to rush the Border Patrol.

Even an MSNBC reporter admitted that most of the members of the famous caravan are grown men who are NOT seeking asylum, and not moms carrying little children.

DHS also confirmed that members of violent gangs are liberally sprinkled throughout the caravan. The Bible says it is right to protect the innocent and defend the defenseless, and if it is foolish and evil to let dangerous criminals into your home to do whatever they want, why is it okay to have open borders (or no borders) for an entire nation and let anyone in?

For those who believe in open borders (or no borders at all), remove the locks on your windows and doors and let anyone into your home whenever they want. Or better yet, give out copies of your house key and car keys and distribute them at your local homeless shelter.

Sure, there are some decent people there, just like there are among the illegal aliens. But are you going to indiscriminately hand out your keys without carefully vetting people? No? Then why should we indiscriminately let people into our country (especially in a time of war) without carefully vetting them?