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Sex Robots Demonstrate that Ideological Movements Like #MeToo Aren't the Solution

#MeToo protesters

Birth rates are falling in Japan and at least one researcher partially blames it on the increasing demand for sex robots. In the United States, the use of sex robots is on the rise. This past fall, citizens of Houston were embroiled in a war of words over the opening of a sex robot brothel. Eventually, the city of Houston blocked its opening, but that doesn't prevent men from ordering their own sex robot (I'm not linking to any sites that sell them, but, trust me, they exist). Enterprising club owners in Las Vegas are now experimenting with robot strippers. As the #MeToo movement continues to bring down powerful men, the growing use of sex robots demonstrates that the depraved desire to objectify and sexually dominate women will continue unabated. Ideology rooted in identity politics is not the antidote for sin. That doesn't prevent feminists from trying, though.

Some activists are afraid that the rise of sex robots will increase the demand for sex trafficking. Quoted on a Change.org petition that was successful in helping stop the opening of Houston's first sex brothel, Dr. Kathleen Richardson reveals, "If an artificial substitute reduced the need to buy sex, there would be a reduction in prostitution but no such correlation is found."

Without even touching on the potential for the development and use of child sex robots, the petition goes on to warn that "robot brothels will just create an expansion of the already dehumanized act of sex buying. Sex robots will not decrease sex trafficking in Houston, it will only encourage more men to become sex buyers."

Clearly, feminists and the broader society understand that sex robots are a problem. Sadly, their solution is part of the problem. The irony is that in a culture where "yes" can mean "no," it's no wonder that young men are seeking out alternative ways to fulfill their innate desires and urges.

Of course, the #MeToo movement demands that men suppress their innate urges. If a beautiful woman with her breasts spilling out of her top is talking to a man who is neither gay nor a eunuch, he will be tempted to at least glance at her breasts (for the record, I believe with every ounce of my being that men should resist that temptation, but more on that later). No amount of ideological posturing is going to alter the innate desires of men. The main reason why the #MeToo movement won't work is because identity politics is built on self-autonomy — I get to decide what to do with my body. Well, what if my body wants to ogle the breasts of women? Refusing to acknowledge a contradiction in their own ideology, feminist activists continue to insist that men deny their own bodies and their own physical urges.

How the physically stronger of the two sexes/genders ultimately respond to the growing pressure and demonization of desires and urges men didn't ask for is yet to be seen. Sex robots, though, are proof that sinful men will find avenues for their lust regardless of how much feminists wish it otherwise. For those in society who recognize a problem yet are skeptical that feminist ideology holds the solution, the question is raised as to how society can protect women without denying that men are men.

As simplistic as it may seem to some, the answer is the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Following Christ means dying to self and serving God. In turn, serving God is welded to loving and serving others. Serving God is also a recognition that He created you and that your body is not your own. In Christ's kingdom, humans don't have autonomy; we submit to our Creator. And according to our Creator, men do not have the right to a woman's body, neither in look nor in touch. Don't forget, Jesus said that if you look at a woman with lust in your heart, it's like you've committed adultery.

By refusing to acknowledge the lordship of Jesus Christ through repentance and faith, feminists are merely forcing men to create new ways to objectify women. As long as autonomous individualism is prized, the exploitation of humans will continue. As proof, the increased demand for sex robots is a product of the #MeToo movement, and the rotten fruit that will inevitably come from the sex robot industry is as much on the hands of feminism as it is on men who believe they have the right to gratify their lust in disobedience to God.

Fighting sex trafficking as well as everyday objectification of women requires submitting to God through faith in Jesus.