If We Align Our Purposes with the Lord's, God Will Provide

Sometimes wisdom can be short and sweet — and columns need only be short and concise in order to pass on that message.

I had a casual conversation with a young man this week who will soon be finishing school, so naturally I asked him what his next plans are. In the course of answering, he cited a couple of Bible verses about God providing for those who will follow him. (I can’t remember the verses, but they were along the lines of — although not exactly the following ones — the Matthew 6 verses about God feeding the birds and adorning the lilies of the field, etcetera.) What he said next struck me as quite insightful. It was something along these lines:

I try to do what I think God wants me to do, and I have confidence that if it is the right thing, God will make provision for me to keep doing it. They might be little provisions along the way, but if I get them, I keep going; but if I seem to be getting nowhere, I try to see if I missed a little provision somewhere. And if I didn’t, maybe I’m not on the right path after all.

He said that “little provisions” can be anything as simple as a helpful, unexpected phone call at the right time, or a random piece of good advice, or a small opportunity presenting itself that he had not thought was possible.

Anyway, his point was that if we do our best to truly follow God’s will, God promises to make it possible for us to do so if our interpretation of that path is right. It may take a while, but we must trust that God will provide — or, in failing to provide, that He will redirect us toward a better goal.

Words of wisdom.