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Priest Expelled for Burning LGBT Flag in Exorcism Says the 'Battle of Armageddon' Is Happening Now

Father Paul Kalchik, the Chicago priest (and victim of predatory priests) who was unceremoniously booted from his church for burning an LGBT flag in an exorcism, described the current spiritual warfare in the Catholic Church and in the world in general as the Battle of Armageddon from the biblical book of Revelation. He also recalled casting demons out of a young man after the man attempted suicide.

"We are in the midst of a super spiritual warfare," Kalchik told PJ Media. "When we read the book of Revelation, we read about the great battle of Meggido [better known as Armageddon], and we think it's being fought with guns and knives or whatever."

"It's the story about what's going on now, how before Christ's Second Coming and return, there will be a great battle," the priest argued. "It's not a battle in the physical sense of armies, it's a battle of demons against the faithful." He suggested the recent sex cover-up scandal in the Catholic Church, and the culture's embrace of LGBT ideology are parts of this great spiritual battle.

Kalchik also presented the strategy to win this battle. "It's a battle that will be won by us by going to Confession, receiving Holy Eucharist worthily, and by prayers said in the State of Grace," he declared, referencing two of the Catholic Church's sacraments and the Catholic idea of a "State of Grace" following Confession and Reconciliation after committing a "mortal sin."

"Many are engaged in this battle right now for the good of the entire church," the priest added.

"People have asked me, 'Do you think it's the end of the world?' I think we're right in the pains of it," Kalchik said. "I've been saying my prayers — it's scary stuff."

The priest spoke to PJ Media last week, after he had burned an old LGBT flag uncovered in his church recently. The diocese, under Cardinal Blase Cupich, ordered him not to burn the flag publicly, but he did so privately, anyway.

"It was a piece of propaganda, a sacrilegious item," he explained, mentioning that the LGBT rainbow flag also had the symbol of a cross — thus sullying the cross by tying it with what the Bible describes as an "abomination."

"If you look closely at church law, sacrilegious items need to be destroyed. One of the principle ways of destroying them is fire," Kalchik explained. "I purposely said a prayer of exorcism over the thing before it was burnt and a prayer of blessing was said over the fire so that any and all evil attached to this thing would be taken by God."