Russell Simmons: 'Probably More Christians Are Radicalized' Than Muslims

Russell Simmons joined Trevor Noah on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” on Monday to talk about “Muslims Speak Out,” a project he formed to deal with Islamophobia, which he called “the worst scourge we have.”


He told Noah that people misunderstand the Muslim community and that “99.99-tenths of them are not radicalized, right?” And then he added the kicker: “Probably more Christians are radicalized.”

Of course, nothing of the sort is true, unless you accept the left’s definition of radicalization, which says that religious objections to sex outside of the biblical definition of marriage—and perhaps refusing to bake a wedding cake or having the expectation of privacy in the bathroom—is exactly the same thing as throwing homosexuals off buildings and stoning them to death. Simmons apparently thinks saying words that people find objectionable is the same as blowing people up. It’s hard to reason with individuals whose minds have been turned to mush by years of moral relativism.

Simmons then turned his attention to Donald Trump, saying that until the GOP nominee came along, America had been moving toward a peaceful, loving “collective.” But now, “people need to blame their discomfort on someone else,” he said.


He warned that things can change very quickly in a country under these conditions.

“What happened in Nazi Germany, or what happened in Rwanda, and Croatia, this sh*t just happened over night.” He said the “growing hate” that we have in America is something we’re going to have to work on “long after Trump loses the election.”

He told Noah that as Americans, we should try to give “all the children of Abraham” the same happiness we want for ourselves. That, he said, “will make us happy.”

Next: Simmons went off on what he says is the biggest threat to the planet.

Simmons also went off on factory farms, arguing that they are destroying the planet.

“Aren’t factory farms the number one most threatening thing we are facing?” (I thought he said Islamophobia was the worst scourge we were facing? Hard to keep track of all the NUMBER ONE BIGGEST THREATS with these alarmists.)

“I think ISIS is the number one thing,” Noah deadpanned.

“That’s bullsh*t!” Simmons shot back. “Come on. You can’t believe that.”


Nah, just joking.

The pair fist bumped and laughed as Noah explained, faux-earnestly, “That is the truth. That is what the world has been led to believe. We’re fighting this thing. That is what we’ve been led to believe.”

“Factory farms continue to kill people and it’s poisoning our planet and all our inhabitants and it’s scary,” Simmons added.

For those of you keeping score at home:

Christians: Scary extremist

Donald Trump: Scary Nazi

Cows: Scary planet-destroyers

ISIS: Part of Obama’s peaceful, loving “collective”

I have a feeling if Simmons had his way, all the Christians would be locked up and all the cows would roam free.

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