One-of-a-Kind Book Teaches Children How to Think

Excerpted from Cross-Currents:

So what is the reason for Jewish intellectual success? Gefilte fish? The hostility of non-Jews leaving us no other option? A tradition of study? A genetic disposition for a fatty substance that speeds electric flow between synapses? G-d’s special blessing?...

The several books in the A Yiddishe Kop series are gobbled up shortly after publication. They have been translated into several languages (including English), and you’ve seen nothing like them before. ... They are the product of the creative genius of Gadi Pollack.

The books are collections of full-color illustrations of scenes from life. Each is accompanied by a series of questions about the people and events in the picture. The reader’s first reaction is “how am I supposed to know! The picture doesn’t say anything about that!”

Having nowhere else to go, the reader then takes a closer look – especially at small details....

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