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Milo Defends Catholic Church's Teachings on Homosexuality to SJW Priest

The Catholic Church in America has a problem. How is it that a flamboyant gay guy who is known for his openness about his past promiscuity and wild lifestyle is better at defending the Church than some (highly visible) men of the cloth? Recently, Milo Yiannopoulos was interviewed by America magazine, a Jesuit publication, which chose not to print the interview. Fortunately for us all, Milo did. 

"Amusingly, while the Jesuits struggled to decide if they could bear to publish my answers, one of the Church’s highest ranking Cardinals called out Fr. Martin by name as 'one of the most outspoken critics of the Church’s message with regard to sexuality,'" he said. "That means my side in this dispute enjoys support from a black prince of the Church raised on a continent where martyrdom is common, while the other side’s champion is a white bourgeois man in whose life the worst threat is that the wine is a bit off this week. Ask yourself:  Which of these men would you want to have your six?"

The cardinal in question is Cardinal Robert Sarah, who said the Church cannot back down from its teaching of chastity in regards to homosexuality as Father James Martin appears to be open to. 

“Father Martin is correct to argue that there should not be any double standard with regard to the virtue of chastity, which, challenging as it may be, is part of the good news of Jesus Christ for all Christians. For the unmarried—no matter their attractions—faithful chastity requires abstention from sex. As a mother, the Church seeks to protect her children from the harm of sin, as an expression of her pastoral charity,” said Sarah.

Milo's ribbing of Fr. Martin may be a tad harsh. Fr. Martin seems to be a person genuinely concerned about caring for the members of the faith who are LGBT and this is absolutely within the purview of an active Church that seeks to care for all people. Any man who dedicates his life to serving others deserves the benefit of being heard without being shouted down or screamed at. Fr. Martin was recently disinvited from speaking at several events over the controversy, which should not happen in America. Shutting down speech is something the left does that conservative people should shun. It is imperative to respond to any hotly debated topic with more reasoned arguments, not less.

The definition of "caring for" the LGBT community is what is controversial. People like Fr. Martin believe that caring for LGBT people includes affirming their decision to be sexually active while others like Cardinal Sarah believe that caring for LGBT people requires priestly council on abstinence. From what I've read from Fr. Martin, he does not appear to be any sort of monster who needs shutting up. On the contrary, a debate between him and Cardinal Sarah would be something I would pay to see. In the spirit of the intellectual history of the Church, this could be a way to get somewhere on this topic without the over-emotional responses on both sides. Who could argue with Fr. Martin that we are called to love all our neighbors? It is the definition of love that needs fleshing out.