Creationist Group 'Answers in Genesis' Disputes 'Lucy' Ancestry Claim

Earlier this week Google’s logo mutated (if you will) from its usual form into a Google Doodle adorned with a series of images depicting an ape evolving into a human. Clicking the Doodle led to information about “AL 288-1,” less esoterically known as “Lucy the Australopithecus,” or simply “Lucy.” Many scientists regard the fossil as an intermediary link between apes and humans.

The same day, Googling “lucy australopithecus controversy” turned up a different interpretation of the fossil, including several from Answers in Genesis. The apologetics ministry, which focuses primarily on whether evolution or biblical creation provides the most accurate interpretation of the universe’s origins, featured several articles Answers in Genesis staff has written about Lucy. The abstract of a 2012 article titled “A Look at Lucy’s Legacy,” by Dr. David Menton and Dr. Elizabeth Mitchell, read:

Perhaps more than any other fossil, Lucy is presented as “exhibit A” for evolutionists in their attempt to show that humans evolved from an ape-like ancestor. With the recent opening of the Lucy exhibit in the Creation Museum, Answers in Genesis felt it was appropriate to present the “Lucy story” to our web visitors as well. This article will explore the origins of the fossils and interpretations by evolutionists that have led to overtly human-like representations of Lucy, such as at the Field Museum in Chicago, that differ so greatly from the equally valid representation at the Creation museum.

The authors went on to dispute claims as to Lucy’s bipedality based on pelvic structure, the famous Laetoli footprints, and other points.

The site also featured a recent blog post by Ken Ham, the Answers in Genesis founder who debated Bill Nye (“The Science Guy”) at the Creation Museum in Kentucky in 2014. Ham’s article opened:

According to evolutionists, Lucy walked on two legs, and the group she represents is a distant ancestor of humanity (though how closely related is disputed even in their camp). US President Barack Obama even recently “met” Lucy and commented, almost reverently, on how she shows how all mankind is related to one another.

Ham’s post included photographs of a Creation Museum exhibit demonstrating how covering Lucy’s bones with different combinations of hair and skin drastically influences whether she resembles a human or an ape.