Trump Rips Mask Off Late-Term Abortion on National Stage

I can’t recall another election when a presidential candidate so honestly and brutally punched through the lies the left tells about abortion as Donald Trump did in last night’s debate. Christians ought to be celebrating. Donald Trump forcefully proclaimed that Hillary Clinton supports ripping a baby to pieces until the very moment of birth at a full 40 weeks of gestation. This is 100% true; Clinton has stated on camera several times that she believes a pre-born person has no Constitutional rights and therefore can be (and should be) murdered at whim.

Clinton shamelessly tried to deflect the truth that wholly formed viable babies are torn apart during abortion and incredibly claimed that’s “not true.” Excuse me? How else do you end a third-trimester abortion? You’re not going to sprinkle it with fairy dust and wish it away, I can tell you that. There’s only one way to get rid of a baby and that’s to dispose of its body in some way. One of the chosen methods of the abortionist is “extraction and dilation,” where they pull the baby, breech (feet first), and stab it in the back of the neck with something sharp while still in the birth canal. The other method widely used by Planned Parenthood “doctors” is to literally tear the boy or girl into pieces, pulling limbs and parts out of the woman one at a time. Then they get to put that puzzle from Hell back together again to make sure they didn’t leave any pieces behind. Keep in mind that Democrats like Hillary Clinton have even fought against measures to give the babies pain relief during this process because that would be admitting they feel pain or something, and they can’t have that, lest anyone figure out they are demonic wretches. These poor babies are torn piece by piece from their mothers’ wombs because the women carrying them wanted fewer responsibilities.

Clinton lied again when she claimed to have met a woman who had to abort in the third trimester because her life was in danger. Doctors have confirmed over and over that there is NO CONDITION KNOWN TO MAN that requires a baby in utero to die to save the life of the mother. Please go find one. I dare you. Do not come back with ectopic pregnancies. Ectopic pregnancies (when a fertilized egg develops outside the uterus) are not viable pregnancies. They can never be viable pregnancies. The procedure to save the woman’s life is not an abortion because the baby could never have survived and an abortionist isn’t qualified to do it because it requires real surgical skill and not a vacuum and some forceps. The surgery to correct an ectopic pregnancy is usually the removal of the entire fallopian tube, called a salpingectomy. You cannot go to Planned Parenthood for a lifesaving salpingectomy. For that, I’d suggest Northwestern Hospital in Chicago. No one who has a salpingectomy tells people they had an abortion because it simply isn’t true. Ectopic pregnancy is much more comparable to a miscarriage. All the other conditions the left always lists as reasons women need abortions are things like hypertension, hemorrhage, infection and the like, none of which are cured by abortion! All of those conditions can exist without being pregnant and a person who has them doesn’t go to the doctor and hear, “Too bad you’re not pregnant because an abortion would have saved you. There’s nothing we can do.” That’s absurd!

During pregnancies all sorts of things can go wrong and sometimes it results in the loss of a pregnancy or even the loss of the life of the mother (that abortion would not have stopped). I’m tired of people conflating miscarriage with abortion. A naturally occurring medical problem is not an abortion. And when you can’t save your baby, that’s heart rending. What we are talking about here are not those tragic situations where a baby is lost and a mother was in danger. We are talking about a woman who forgot to take her pill, got pregnant, and doesn’t have the time or inclination to raise the baby nor the compassion to give the child up for adoption. We are talking about the personal choice to murder her offspring because she couldn’t figure out birth control or the joy of waiting. Do not kid yourselves, these are the majority of abortions in America. If you don’t believe me go stand outside a Planned Parenthood butcher shop for an afternoon and watch how many able-bodied women who are clearly not dying of anything waltz in and out all day long. (By the way, if you were dying, would you go to an abortion clinic for help?)

The only thing that could have made Trump’s response any better would be if he had pointed out that most women aborting during later trimesters do so because their babies have Down syndrome (or because they were led to believe the baby had Down syndrome, even though it turned out not to be true). Down syndrome lives matter and that’s an issue that Trump could win big on. This country does not burn cripples on Tuesdays like Nazis. We do not do that here, unless you aren’t born yet, and geography is no excuse for barbarism.

I defy you to find another candidate for president who fearlessly blasted through the politically correct crap we trudge through to tell America the truth. They’re ripping up babies and she supports it. 

Can we please stop arguing now and support our candidate, fellow Christians?

(Skip to the 3:45 mark to get to Trump’s superb answer.)