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Liberty University Film Students Blast 'Trump Prophecy' Movie: 'Will Discredit Our Film Program'

This October, ReelWorks will release a full-length feature film called The Trump Prophecy. The studio has partnered with Liberty University. The movie will tell the story of a retired fireman who swears God told him Donald Trump would be president — in 2011. Many Liberty University film students and graduates were less than thrilled at this news, and they told PJ Media this movie may permanently damage the credibility of their film program.

"I think primarily it will significantly discredit our film program," an anonymous senior film student told PJ Media. "It's not just a video — it's a feature length movie that will have a theatrical release in October." This student recalled thinking the movie was a joke when he first heard about it.

"In December [2017], before we left for Christmas break, we were slated to shoot two short films that had nothing to do with Trump," he recalled. "The first day we were back in January for spring semester, that had changed. Needless to say, we all thought it was a joke at first, but as you know ... it's not."

"Who wants to go to a school that glorifies such a controversial man?" the anonymous film student asked. "Additionally — politics aside — it's a terrible story! The whole year they harp on telling a good story, but I have yet to see why this is a good story and one that needs to be told."

"For the university, by stamping our name on this film, we are telling the world that this is what we believe: radical prophecies about a controversial man make him a Godsend," the film student concluded. While the school is not creating or financing the film, the act of partnering with the film arguably ties the school to the film in the way these students and graduates fear.

Marketing for The Trump Prophecy seems rather explicit in suggesting that not only was the fireman's "word from God" legitimate, but that Trump's election was some kind of divine miracle, guaranteed by the prayers of the faithful.

"My view is that The Trump Prophecy film is poorly conceived, poorly timed, and (based on the promotional materials) executed with a total absence of craft," Doug Stephens IV, a Liberty grad who now attends Harvard Law School, told PJ Media.

The artlessness of the film's promotional materials left a particularly negative impression with Stephens. "When I was an undergraduate at Liberty University, the guiding principle that we hear over and over from the administration and faculty was 'If it's Christian, it should be better,'" he recalled. "And nothing about The Trump Prophecy or its media presence says 'better.'"