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LGBT Bullying Forces Mike Huckabee Off Country Music Charity Board After Less Than 24 Hours

Former Arkansas Governor and two-time presidential candidate Mike Huckabee resigned from the CMA Foundation board of directors Thursday, less than 24 hours after having been appointed to it. He resigned after Nashville music executives and activists on Twitter objected to his "language of racism, sexism, and bigotry."

"Got home from 28 hour trip from Taipei that lasted longer than my time on CMA Foundation board," Huckabee tweeted Thursday night. "Read my FULL letter of resignation and see that 'Hate Wins' and bullies care about themselves than kids needing music."

Huckabee wrote a deeply personal letter about the influence of music in his life, expressing his desire to help less fortunate children get musical instruments. The CMA Foundation is the charitable arm of the Country Music Association, and it does provide musical instruments for children.

"Now someone who has never met me threatens to wreck valuable programs of the CMA Foundation because of a personal contempt for my faith and politics," Huckabee wrote in The Tennessean. "I am willing to get out of the way for the sake of the students the Foundation will hopefully help."

He concluded with an inspiring message: "At the end of the day, I’m not worth the fight, but the kids are. Never stop fighting for THEM!"

The former governor did lament the overall message of the episode, however. "If the industry doesn't want people of faith or who hold conservative and traditional political views to buy tickets or music, they should be forthcoming and say it," he wrote. "Surely neither the artists or [sic] the business people of the industry want that."

"Until recently, the arts was the one place America could set aside political, geographical, racial, religious, and economic barriers and come together," Huckabee lamented. "If the arts community becomes part of the polarization instead of bridging communities and people over the power of civil norms as reflected in the arts, then we as a civilization may not be long for this earth."

It was reasonable for Huckabee to draw this message. As soon as news broke that he had been chosen for the CMA Foundation board, outrage immediately ensued.

Jason Owen, co-president of Monument Records and owner at Sandbox Entertainment, sent an email to Country Music Association CEO Sarah Trahern and CMA Foundation executive Tiffany Kerns, The Tennessean reported. Owen, an openly homosexual man legally married to another man, is raising one young boy and planning to adopt twins.