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Leftist Rabbi: Jacob, Deborah, King David, Apostle Paul Were All Transgender, Gender Non-Conforming

An attractive young husband and wife cuddling while reading the Bible.

On Saturday, an openly gay Leftist rabbi twisted the Bible to support transgender identity, and in so doing he explicitly named eight Bible figures who he suggested were transgender or gender non-conforming.

Responding to a recent statement from the Kansas Republican Party rejecting transgenderism, Jay Michaelson disputed the idea that "God's design for gender" involves accepting biological sex.

"[W]hat about those men and women who deviate from gender roles in the Bible?" Michaelson asked in a Daily Beast article. "The patriarch Jacob, for example, is clearly gendered female in comparison with his twin brother Esau. Esau is hairy, Jacob is smooth; Esau is a hunter, Jacob 'stays in the tent' (which is where women stay) and cooks; Esau is favored by his father, Jacob by his mom. And yet Jacob is the chosen one who becomes Israel, who fathers a nation" (emphasis added).

Yes, this rabbi suggested Jacob was "clearly gendered female." Since Jacob was biologically a male, and even fathered children, this would necessarily make him transgender. Michaelson went on, "Of course, Jacob didn’t go on hormone therapy, but the way the Bible constructs his gender identity makes it very clear that, at least until his transformative nighttime wrestling match, he is gender non-conforming."

The rabbi didn't stop with Jacob, however. "Likewise, Deborah the Judge, who performed a male societal role. Likewise, the beautiful young David in his 'armor-carrier' relationships with Saul and Jonathan. (1 Sam. 16;12, 1 Sam. 18:1-3) Likewise the Apostle Paul, who rebelled against the most fundamental gender role of his time, fathering children, by becoming celibate," Michaelson wrote.

Each of these suggestions is more absurd than the previous one. Jacob is known to history as one of the three great patriarchs of the Jewish people. He may have been slightly effeminate compared to his testosterone-charged brother Esau, but it is ridiculous to suggest that makes Jacob transgender or "gendered female."

Similarly, Deborah the Judge is defined as a wife in Judges 4, and she identifies as a mother in her song in Judges 5. She led Israel in battle because the man Barak was not man enough to go without her. Deborah is a wonderful example of God giving women a pivotal role in history and taking the glory from a man, but that does not make her transgender or gender non-conforming.

The Bible describes King David as fair, but that does not mean he identified as a woman. He served Jonathan his friend and Saul his king well, but that does not mean he was taking on a female role in society. David later grew up to become a great warrior, slaying not only Goliath but hundreds of Philistines. This great king of Israel, who had many wives and children, could not be further from transgender.