A Parable About the San Bernardino Terrorist Attack 'Prayer Shaming'

This is a parable for people who trust that their own ideas about how to react to tragedy are righteous and view the “thoughts and prayers” of others with contempt:

Two men went into the court of public opinion to mourn after a mass shooting, one a humanist and the other a Christian.

The humanist stood defiantly and said this to the crowd: “I am thankful that I am not like this naïve Christian, who prays to a god that doesn’t exist and that can’t do anything to fix a world broken by guns. Man is the measure of all things, and only man in the form of government can solve this problem – and all problems. We pay taxes on all that we earn so the government can protect us, and the leaders of man must act now to limit access to guns!”

But the Christian, overcome by sorrow for the slain and wounded, turned his mind toward heaven and was beating his breast saying: “God, comfort the wounded and the victims’ families as only You can. Deliver all of us from the evil in this world. And be merciful to me, the sinner!”

I tell you, this Christian went to his house more hopeful than the humanist, for every man who exalts human institutions above God will be disappointed, but he who turns to God in a time of sorrow and trouble will find peace.