The 'Cancel Culture' Targets Drew Brees After Discovering the QB's Association with Focus on the Family

Drew Brees not only plays for the Saints, but many in New Orleans believe that the quarterback for their beloved NFL team is a living saint. After Hurricane Katrina devastated the city, Brees and his teammates became the face of the community. Besides offering the city something to rally over, Brees adopted New Orleans as his hometown and has shown himself to be gracious, charitable, and deeply connected to his community in genuine ways that other celebrities can only attempt to mimic. The celebrated QB is also a devout family man and Christian. Having never shied away from expressing his faith, Brees must be somewhat puzzled to find himself all of a sudden the target of leftists angry over his connection with Focus on the Family.

In the short video published by Focus on the Family on August 29, Brees simply encourages children to take their Bibles to school (on a side note, a few months ago I wrote about what happened after my son took his Bible to school — you can read that here). The SJW Cancel Culture appears far less upset over Brees’ message and more upset over the organization he has partnered with to deliver that message. One local New Orleans website, The Big Easy Magazine, explains, “What is surprising is the anti-bullying advocate‘s support of a religious group known to be one of the most well funded anti-LGBT organizations in the country.”

Likewise, The Advocate, homing in on Focus on the Family’s beliefs about sexuality, wrote, “New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees has recorded a promotional video for the anti-LGBTQ organization Focus on the Family.” The website went on to chide Brees for his connection to the popular Christian organization, ending their article with a dig at Brees’ anti-bullying work in the past by implying that this current video undermines his past messages.

Not to be left out, Twitter users have also been piling on the QB. One person smugly tweeted, “I can’t believe that y’all are surprised out [sic] Drew Brees being attached to a religious extremist group. Have you not been paying attention? Dude has been problematic. Throwing TDs doesn’t make you a good person. Even doing some good things doesn’t make you a good person.”

To sum up, one of the NFL’s most admired ambassadors of goodwill and philanthropy is being attacked for his religious views. To be clear, the religious views that he’s being attacked over aren’t even what he expressed in the video. Even if it were, though, the fact that Christians are no longer allowed to hold to Christian beliefs is frightening.

Drew Brees’ job is safe. There is less than a zero chance that the New Orleans Saints will take any action over this. However, the boldness with which he is being attacked is telling. If a man who is almost universally admired can suddenly find himself facing the online guillotine of the SJW mob, it won’t be long before Christians all over this country find themselves being asked to renounce their faith or face consequences like public shaming and losing their job.