Lesbian Guidance Counselor Seeks to Force Catholic School to Accept Her 'Marriage'

A guidance counselor at the Roman Catholic Roncalli High School in Indiana has ginned up the support of leftists around the land. The reason? She’s afraid that she’s going to lose her job after the decidedly Catholic school found out that she’s “married” to another woman.

I’m fairly confident that if I managed to secure employment at Planned Parenthood only to have it discovered that I am anti-abortion, I would summarily be dismissed. Likewise, if I joined a pro-LGBTQ group only to have it discovered that I adhere to and preach God’s sexual ethics as revealed in the Bible, I would summarily be booted from the group. In neither case would I pout and whine, “That’s not fair!”

However, it’s become obvious to the point of seeming silly to even point out that leftists have zero concern for justice/fairness. Leftists are concerned about forcing everyone to bow the knee to their gods of intersectionality and the sexual revolution.

According to the Indianapolis Star:

Shelly Fitzgerald, who has worked at the school for 15 years, is on paid administrative leave after school officials recently found out that she married a woman in 2014. The school said in a Facebook post Sunday night that employees must support the teachings of the Catholic church, including marriage “between a man and a woman,” and that expectation is clearly defined in employee contracts.

In a Facebook message distributed to some parents, Fitzgerald said school officials said she could resign or dissolve her marriage or risk being fired or not getting her contract renewed.

Fitzgerald, of course, is refusing to get a divorce or resign. Instead, as the local Indianapolis ABC affiliate WRTV reports, the guidance counselor is attempting to force the Catholic school to conform to her beliefs by enlisting the help of students and parents. Quoting the Facebook message Fitzgerald sent to select parents, WRTV reveals her plea: “I ask that you pray for my family, for change in the world, and know I have absolutely loved my job for the past 15 years.”

That plea seems to be working. According to the Indianapolis Star:

A number of parents and students spoke out in support of Fitzgerald.

“We can’t bash Roncalli in this situation. Roncalli is not to be blamed for this decision. It’s the Archdiocese,” Junior Madison Aldrich said. “Unfortunately, Roncalli is taking the blame for it. And the name is being trashed and slandered. And that’s not what we want. Roncalli is a special place, and Fitzgerald is a special woman.”

Note the not-so-sub-subtext: what makes Roncalli a “special place” isn’t the school’s distinctly Roman Catholic moorings, beliefs, and standards, it’s the fact that a lesbian employee disregarded the employment contract and acted deceitfully in order to enjoy the rotten fruit of the sexual revolution. On the other hand, the problem with Roncalli is that the Archdiocese is insisting that the guidance counselor adheres to the Roman Catholic teachings of the Catholic school that she agreed to adhere to when she was hired.

I’m old enough to remember back to the pre-Obergefell days when conservatives and Christians were being assured that they (leftists) had no desire to force us to conform to their beliefs. Those of us who warned that they were lying back then were scoffed at. Well, sadly, the proof is in the pudding, as they say. Christians and Christian institutions need to prepare to face the growing wrath of the religious adherents of the sexual revolution as they turn their sights on us.