New 3-D Printed 'Death Machine' Streamlines Suicide

Proving once again that human life holds very little value for progressives, a new 3-D printed machine is being touted as a way for people to “peacefully slip out of existence.” Called Sarco and invented by Philip Nitschke, the machine is designed to efficiently and painlessly kill the person inside.

Sarco accomplishes this by filling the interior with nitrogen gas. Sixty seconds later you begin to feel disoriented — like you’ve had a few too many drinks, Nitschke says. After a few minutes you lose consciousness. Within five minutes, you’re gone. Those inside can stop the process at any time should they change their mind. It’s also up to them whether they want to black out their view of the world while inside, or look through Sarco’s windows at outside scenery as they fade. Its creator, for example, imagines a day he’ll die watching a sunset in the Australian outback.

The problematic ethics of the machine extend to its availability. Although Nitschke believes that suicide should be an option for anyone of “sound mind,” the definition of “sound mind” is apparently up for interpretation. The Next Web points out:

Sarco is available to depressed and mentally ill individuals so long as they pass an assessment ensuring they are aware of their actions and the permanent nature of the decision. There’s also a rather arbitrary age associated with the ability to legally end your own life. Nitschke told Vice he set the minimum age at 50 to appease the United States, whose views on euthanasia trail European countries like The Netherlands. The Dutch, since 2001, have been able to legally end their own lives with help from a doctor.

If society sanctions suicide, should there be any regulations? I mean, society believes that suicide is justifiable in the case of terminally ill patients whose quality of life has deteriorated, so what’s stopping society from extending that same “right” to those whose quality of life is “unbearable” due to depression or mental illness? Down this path, I fail to see how I or anyone else could be allowed to determine what constitutes a quality of life worth preserving. The road of subjectivity is the slippery slope.

The article does point out that “the legality of this in the United States still very much resides in the gray area. In California, Oregon, Colorado and a handful of other states, for example, it’s legal, but only at the state level. Much like marijuana — also legal in these states — the laws permitting people to end their own life under supervision from a doctor are prohibited by the federal government.”

Of course, for Christians, legality does not determine morality (that actually applies to all humans whether they believe in and submit to their Creator God or not). God created humans in His image, and, as such, all human life has value and dignity and should be protected. In fact, human life is so precious that in Genesis 9:4 God commands, “Whoever sheds the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed, for God made man in his own image.”

Taking someone’s life, including your own, elevates you to the position of God. Outside of God’s command for governments to protect life through self-defense and capital punishment, no human is allowed to end human life. Sarco is a machine that flaunts humanity’s attempts to be God while devaluing human life that is made in the image of the One True God.