LGBTQ Activists Set their Sights on Christian Universities and Colleges

If Christians had a nickel for every time progressives threw the charge of “slippery slope fallacy” in our face over the last couple of decades (if not longer), we’d use all that extra money to continue funding charities, adopting children, and enacting true social justice throughout the world. For years, whenever we warned that progressives would begin explicitly targeting our churches and schools, we were scolded and told that they simply wanted to see equality purely in the civic arena; we had nothing to fear. That, of course, gave way to forcing Christians bakers to violate the tenets of their faith, among other oppressive tactics. Now, progressives have their sights set on undermining Christian institutions of higher learning.

In a piece of blatant LGBTQ propaganda, Lauren Ileana Sotolongo opened her recent HuffPost piece with a brief anecdote about a lesbian couple secretly holding hands. Fearful at the approach of a fellow student, the couple let their hands drop, their “romantic” moment ruined. The kicker — the two are students at Azusa Pacific University, a Christian university that adheres to the Bible’s teaching on sexuality.

The article’s thesis is couched in an extremely slanted take on California’s SB1146. Claiming that the bill “would’ve taken away the exemption of religious universities to anti-discrimination laws,” Sotolongo goes on to complain, “But administrations [of Christian universities and colleges] fought back, and the bill was amended.”

In reality, if it had been left unchanged, SB1146 would have made it difficult for Christian institutions of higher learning to adhere to the beliefs and distinctives of their faith. Specifically, students dependent on state funds for college would have been barred from any university and college that failed to bow down and submit to California’s progressive stance on LGBTQ rights. Like most things that progressives do, minorities would’ve suffered the most.

None of that matters to Sotolongo and her progressive comrades, though. She writes,

Policies, however, extend far beyond differing theologies, and into the lives of those directly effected: the students.

When I met with the President of Haven (the underground LGBTQ group at Azusa Pacific University) in the spring, we chose a coffee shop near campus. In hushed tones, we discussed strategies for growth, and support needs. When particularly sensitive information was shared, the graduating Senior would lean in and check the tables around us; after all, this was a coffee shop started by APU alumni and frequented by most of the student body.

Amidst sharing a pastry, I took copious notes.

Though the public, parents, and funders didn’t know, there were professors and administrators who were aligned with the group, but only secretly. Fear of losing jobs kept them quiet, and kept students isolated amidst harmful policies and campus norms.

Presently, the struggle for LGBTQ student recognition varies from campus to campus. The unifying factor, however, remains the same: LGBTQ students, allies, and advocates will not be silent.

Christian universities and colleges do not keep their rules a secret. Young adults who identify as LGBTQ and who attend conservatives schools do so by their own free will knowing the rules. If they don’t like the rules, they are free to go somewhere else.

California is chock full of universities and colleges that will let you choose whatever gender you’d like. In fact, they’ll even let you make up a gender if you want. In other words, those that want to have a same-sex relationship are free to do so in the vast California state college system. The few conservative Christian universities and colleges in the state that still obey God are not an impediment to LGBTQ students receiving a college degree. There is no reason to trample on the religious freedom of Californians of faith in order for LGBTQ kids to go to college.

Of course, progressives in California and around the country aren’t really concerned about the opportunities for LGBTQ individuals. Their real endgame is the destruction of Christianity.