'The View' Bleeps Out 'Jesus'

This is going to come as quite the shock to everyone, I know, but in a recent broadcast, ABC’s The View mocked God. During a discussion of the Ten Commandments, the ladies demonstrated their unfitness to discuss theology. To make matters worse, the producers decided to bleep out the name of Jesus:

Hank Berrien of The Daily Wire offers three reasons why Jesus’ name might have been bleeped out. He couches the reasons in the form of a quiz. Below are Berrien’s possible answers.

  1. The producers on the show revere Jesus
  2. They don’t like messing around with the name of God.
  3. They might not want to offend those on the Left to whom Christianity is a dirty word.

For those unsure of which one is most likely the correct answer, I’m going to provide some help.

If you’re leaning towards choosing number one, you haven’t watched much of The View (or much of any TV, for that matter). Nothing about The View suggests that revering Jesus is even the remotest possibility. By way of example, Berrien points out that the ladies of The View attacked a high school football coach for praying after games.

If that’s not enough, consider the lifestyle choices that are frequently promoted by The View. The LGBTQ agenda is commonly taught and pushed on the show. Recently, The View has waded into gender and sexual fluidity. This past summer, actor and model Nico Tortorella was brought on the show to explain the subject. The entire segment is a complete rejection of God’s Word, which is the antithesis of revering Jesus.

So, answer number one is obviously not the reason why the producers bleeped out Jesus’ name. I doubt anyone needed my help to figure that out, though. Number two isn’t any better of an option.

If you haven’t already watched the clip, scroll back up and watch at least a little of it. It only takes about fourteen seconds for Whoopi Goldberg to toss out God’s name. No bleep. Throughout the segment — much of it blasphemous — the ladies of The View were quite comfortable using God’s name, and the producers were quite comfortable leaving His name unbleeped.

If you chose number two as the correct answer for why the producers bleeped out Jesus’ name, you chose incorrectly.

That leaves answer number three: “They might not want to offend those on the Left to whom Christianity is a dirty word.”

No doubt, many all of you chose number three as the correct answer because, well, it’s The View and it’s 2017, a time when society believes that boys can be girls, and girls can be boys. By definition, Christianity is going to be offensive to a large segment of the population. Making a mockery of the Ten Commandments, taking God’s name in vain (violating commandment number three), and bleeping out Jesus’ name is merely a reflection of larger society’s disdain for Christianity.

I am curious, though. What would happen if the ladies of The View decided to deconstruct and make a mockery of the Quran while bleeping out Mohammad’s name? I’m fairly confident that the producers of the show would have far more to worry about than conservative columnists like myself tsk-tsking over the episode.