Transgender People are Beginning to Discover They've Been Lied To

The world’s leading genital reconstructive surgeon is seeing a new trend. After years of performing operations for people who believe that they are a different gender than they actually are, Dr. Miroslav Djordjevic is now having patients come back to have their genital reconstruction reversed.

In an article published by the National Post, Dr. Djordjevic provides some insight into what’s happening. He tells of patients suffering from “crippling levels of depression following their transition and in some cases even contemplated suicide.” Djordjevic notes, “It can be a real disaster to hear these stories… And yet, in the main part, they are not being heard.”

Among other noteworthy points, the revelation that those who regret their sex reassignment surgery are “not being heard” stands out the most. Among the transgender community that values individual expression, not being heard should be the last thing one would expect. Except, as the article reveals, “Last week, it was alleged that Bath Spa University has turned down an application for research on gender reassignment reversal because it was a subject deemed ‘potentially politically incorrect.'”

Even Dr. Djordjevic, who refused to give his opinion about why so many people are seeking reversals of their sex reassignment, believes that “there is a desperate need for greater understanding in reversals.”

The research that was rejected because it was “potentially politically incorrect” was the brainchild of James Caspian who works as a psychotherapist, specifically with transgender people. “According to Caspian,” National Post wrote, “the university initially approved his proposal to research ‘detransitioning.’ He then amassed some preliminary findings that suggested a growing number of young people – particularly young women – were transitioning their gender and then regretting it.” The article went on to say that “after submitting the more detailed proposal to Bath Spa, he discovered he had been referred to the university ethics committee, which rejected it over fears of criticism that might be directed towards the university. Not least on social media from the powerful transgender lobby.”

The growing rates of depression in transgender people post-sex reassignment surgery is a legitimate area of concern and worthy of study. The fact that more and more transgender people are seeking to have their sex reassignment surgery reversed is also something that needs to be studied. People’s mental health is at stake. And isn’t one of the transgender lobby’s main talking points about how public attitudes and laws have a negative effect on the mental well-being of transgender people?

The whole thing, of course, is a shell game. The transgender community, and the LGBT community at large, are unwilling to let the research move forward because it contradicts the narrative they desperately seek to protect. And that narrative is a lie.

Boys cannot be girls, and girls cannot be boys. God created man and woman, and the Bible never disconnects gender from biological sex. In his short book Transgender, Vaughan Roberts helpfully explains, “We discover later in the Bible that the distinction between male and female is fundamental in contributing to a picture of the gospel and to the meaning and purpose of life.”

One of Satan’s primary tactics is taking God’s words and twisting them. The first display of this tactic is found in Genesis 3:1 when Satan slyly perverts God’s command and asks Eve, “Did God actually say, ‘You shall not eat of any tree in the garden’?” God, of course, did not say that.

In the Garden of Eden, Satan proved adroit and twisting God’s words in order to cause ruin and death. The attack on God’s definitions and parameters of sexuality and gender are more of the same from Satan.

Today, instead of speaking through a serpent, Satan is using the LGBT community and their supposed allies to sow dishonesty among confused and hurting people, leading to chaos that destroys lives and serves as a hindrance to the preaching of the gospel.

Society’s acceptance of transgenderism leaves confused, hurting and broken people in its wake. The evidence bearing out that truth is already beginning to mount. The LGBT community has proven that they are not going to offer any help or healing to those seeking to repair their lives. In fact, for the post-op transgender person who regrets his decision, the LGBT community is going to only offer scorn and more abuse. Christians need to be prepared to minister to those who are morally, psychologically, and physically devastated by the lie of transgenderism.