Exposing the Wickedness of Progressive 'Christianity'

Diving into the rabbit hole of progressive “christianity” is a journey through ever-increasing wickedness  (on top of using quotation marks, I’m no longer going to capitalize progressive “christianity”). Unfortunately, because of my job, I must take that plunge on a frequent basis. My latest plunge into depravity found me slogging through the blog of Dr. Jeff Hood.

I was introduced to Dr. Hood while writing this article. A seminary graduate and pastor who blasphemes the Holy Trinity by connecting polyamory with the Godhead, Dr. Hood is a missionary for all manner of sexual perversion, identity politics, and a litany of progressivism’s favorite social justice causes. I’ve had the displeasure of getting to know him even further through my research that led me to his blog.

Dr. Hood’s blog greets visitors with the banner heading, “I tell them they’ve encountered God every time they’ve encountered love.”

I can’t help but wonder how Dr. Hood would respond to a mother and her adult son who’ve encountered love and who express that love in a sexual relationship. Or, an adult and child? After all, if love is a feeling, an idea that humans get to define, how can Dr. Hood legitimately question the feelings of an adult and a child who are “in love” with each other? How can he deny them their expression of that love? Diving even further into the progressive “christian” rabbit hole of filth, how about a human and an animal that “love” each other? I’m assuming that Dr. Hood, based on his entire sexual ethic and his blog’s banner heading, will affirm that anyone who can be plugged into the above examples has “encountered God.”

Dr. Hood’s sexual ethic is made visible in a blog post bragging about how he helped convince an individual to embrace queerness. Titled “Queer God Calling,” the post’s opening paragraph reads,

In many places, I’ve sought the Queer God. Sometimes I find divinity and sometimes divinity finds me. The nature of seeking is that God always finds us. Every journey is queer, unlike any other journey. The queerness of our lives is an emulation of the Queer God, in whose image we’re made. We are constantly living into God’s image…our own queerness. The queerer we become, the closer we draw near to divinity. To engage God in normative ways is to not engage God at all. Queer God is calling. Do we have ears to hear?

The post then goes on to relate two phone calls separated by years with the same individual. In the first phone conversation, the caller defends a Biblical sexual ethic; Dr. Hood responds by attacking (“deconstructing”) the truths of Bible and perverting God’s Word to serve the goals of the sexual revolution. The second phone call reveals that Dr. Hood’s lies worked. The individual has embraced his or her queerness, the individual’s gender is left unstated, of course. At the conclusion of that final phone call, Dr. Hood remembers, “I was overwhelmed. In those precious seconds, I realized that I’d just experienced the Queer God calling.”

What Dr. Hood experienced was the thrill of doing the work of his father, the Devil.

It doesn’t take much perusing of his blog to be struck by how passionately Dr. Hood does the Devil’s work. In fact, as I kept researching, I kept thinking, “it can’t get worse, can it?” Well, it can, and it did. In a post titled “The Vagina of Jesus,” Dr. Hood recounts a conversation he had with a lady who was upset because he teaches that Jesus has a vagina. The entire post is a cesspool of blasphemous obscenity. I’ll simply quote the final paragraph:

I believe that the vagina of Jesus is a miraculous occurrence. We should work to smash the patriarchal understandings of Jesus for broader conceptions that create greater access to the person of Jesus. If this essay offends you…I encourage you to get saved from your addiction to erectile theology.

All of this raises questions. Why am I giving Dr. Hood more press? Why am I directing curious readers to his blog? Why did I get close enough to the filth to feel my own brokenness and sin seep through my feelings of disgust and anger as I read post after post written by a moral degenerate who delights in blaspheming my God?

Well, my hope and prayer is that professing Christians who are ever-so-slightly embracing progressive “christianity” in the name of social justice and the social gospel will see the great depravity inherent in it. I pray that those who are serving the false god named the sexual revolution will repent of their sins and place their faith in Jesus.