'Southern Baptist' Pastor: 'Holy Trinity Is a Polyamorous Relationship' So Practice Is OK

In a recent article for PJ Media, I wrote about Chuck McKnight and his mission to persuade Christians to accept polyamory. A polyamorous “Christian” himself, McKnight asked the question, “Why aren’t most LGBTQ-affirming churches being equally vocal about their affirmation of polyamorous people?”

His frustration with the lack of support for polyamory has caused McKnight to reach out to other “Christians” who defend polyamory and enlist their help in his crusade against Biblical sexual ethics. Most recently, McKnight interviewed Dr. Jeff Hood. The interview is so blatantly heretical and blasphemous that it could have been mistaken for a satirical sketch had McKnight not already exposed his sinful motives. The new wrinkle in McKnight’s continued attack on holiness is that his new ally is loosely associated with the Southern Baptist Convention (very loosely, in fact — the connection is played up by McKnight for click-bait value).

According to the bio on Dr. Hood’s website:

The Rev. Dr. Jeff Hood is a Baptist pastor, theologian and activist living and working in Texas. A graduate of Auburn University, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Emory University’s Candler School of Theology, University of Alabama and Creighton University, Dr. Hood has also earned a Doctorate of Ministry with a project focused in Queer Theology at Brite Divinity School at Texas Christian University. In addition to his studies, Dr. Hood was ordained to the ministry at a church within the Southern Baptist Convention in 2006. … In 2013, Dr. Hood was awarded PFLAG Fort Worth’s Equality Award for activism and service. In 2015, Hood was named Hope for Peace and Justice’s Ambassador of Justice for his theological activism and also the Next Generation Action Network’s Person of the Year for his work against police brutality. … With deep soul and a belief that God is ‘calling us to something queerer,’ Dr. Hood is a radical mystic and prophetic voice to a closed society.

The interview conducted by McKnight is hard to read because not only is it deeply blasphemous, but Hood’s answers sound like the musings of someone who loves LSD.

McKnight starts off the interview by assuming that Hood hasn’t always supported polyamory, especially considering his Southern Baptist background. Hood confirms McKnight’s suspicions and then goes on to explain what happened that caused him to change.

“I heard a message of love that pulled at me stronger than anything I’d ever felt,” he explains. He goes on to describe some sort of supernatural experience. “Before I knew it, I was out in the aisle,” he says. “Along the way, I heard the voices of the polyamorous repeatedly whispering, ‘Why are you persecuting us?’ Unable to contain myself, I shouted out, ‘Forgive me!'”

At that moment he collapsed. “Before I perished, I felt the pull. Divine polyamory found me a sinner and lifted me up by grace. The Holy Trinity ushered me to love. Looking around, I saw a great cloud of polyamorous witnesses shouting, ‘Holy! Holy! Holy, is the polyamorous love of God!’ The waters of a wild grace washed away all my sin; I was forever changed. In the midst of a great resistance, polyamory saved my soul.”

You know what washed over me after reading that? Disgust. And fear. Fear for the soul of a person who thinks that it’s ok to blaspheme the Holy Trinity. Dr. Hood doubles down, though, and adds this later in the interview: “The Holy Trinity is a polyamorous relationship,” he says. “You can’t talk about the level of intimacy and ecstacy [sic] that these three beings are constantly experiencing without defining their relationship in such a way. Their love has always been and will always be a shared phenomenon. In the Holy Trinity, love is never denied. We should spend our lives making sure that the love of polyamorous individuals is never denied and always protected. The Holy Trinity demands it.” [Emphasis added]

Taking a shot at Christians who hold to God’s parameters for sexuality as defined in the Bible, Dr. Hood snarls, “The only people who have responded negatively are church a**h***s that have no knowledge of God.”

Well, Dr. Hood (and Chuck McKnight), count me among those “church a**h***s,” because I take my cues from the revealed Word of the Holy God to whom we owe obedience. Furthermore, obedience reveals knowledge of God; the embrace of sexual perversion reveals lack of knowledge about God.

Reading interviews like this really only leaves me with one response: Please come quickly, Jesus.