Why Didn't Irma Obey When 'Prophetess' Kat Kerr Commanded the Storm to Cease?

As Hurricane Irma was ramping up last week, self-proclaimed “prophetess” Kat Kerr took to the Internet in an effort to perform an exorcism of sorts to try and stop the powerful storm. Kerr describes herself as “visionary” for One Quest International and claims she is somehow able to create “heaven on earth” through her speaking engagements.

At the beginning of the video, published on September 5, she states that she has an assignment, presumably from God, and tells the viewer, “I’m going to demonstrate to you what to do when a storm comes.” She then spends much of the rest of the more than four-minute video explaining the mechanics of hurricanes and then demonstrating how Christians can exercise power over the weather.

According to her Facebook page that has almost 37,000 followers, Kerr is an:

Author, Speaker, Revelator and CEO of One Quest International. I travel both nationally and internationally speaking about Heaven and The Spirit Realm and training the Body of Christ how to use all their spiritual weapons against the darkness by Ruling with Christ in the Kingdom Age.

Under “One Quest” on Kerr’s Revealing Heaven website, the claim is made that:

The Father has had us design One Quest Int’l Corp as a for- profit corporation for two main reasons, to create Heaven on earth and at the same time produce finances for the Kingdom.   Everything about One Quest will be done from a spiritual platform through revelation, calculation and operation which includes the architecture, products, services and use of any media platform.

His purpose is to reveal a supernatural way to live whether through business, government, entertainment, media, and education or family relationships.  It is the Father’s desire for those who are on the earth to no longer just exist, but learn to live like they do in Heaven.

The video (and Kat Kerr herself) demands at least a few comments.

For starters, the video is demonstrably wrong. As in, Kerr’s demonstration of what to do when a storm is coming didn’t work. Hurricane Irma still made landfall, wreaking devastation and havoc across Florida and into Georgia. Kerr has issued a response on her Facebook page:

[My efforts have] worked through these past days and have had great victory. The Weather reporters are still trying to figure out what happened to their forecast of catastrophic proportions. I know there has been some damage and downed power lines and some flooding but nothing as bad as they said it would be, because we were taking the authority and the more we do it, the more powerful our combined voices will become to devastate the plans of the enemy.

I’ll leave it to the reader to decide whether or not her efforts to command Hurricane Irma helped or not.

Secondly, based on the website, Revealing Heaven appears to be a money-making venture trading on borderline heretical beliefs to convince people to purchase Kat Kerr’s wares. I’m not opposed to people making money, however, I am opposed to people perverting the Bible for monetary gain.

Kerr is correct that Christians are co-heirs with Jesus. That doesn’t mean that followers of Jesus receive his divine power, though; Christians are not promised the ability to control the weather. Rather the Bible says that “all the promises of God find their yes in [Jesus]” (2 Corinthians 1:20).

Those promises will be enjoyed by Christians in the new heaven and the new earth after Jesus returns. People who repent of their sin and place their faith in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus will enjoy all the eternal blessings of God because they are in Christ. The divine aspects of Jesus are not given to Christians for the taking, no matter how forcefully a person claims them. Only God has power over the winds and the waves. There is a difference between praying for God to intervene and demanding that the storm cease to be. If there wasn’t a difference, then thousands upon thousands of people wouldn’t be picking through their destroyed homes.