Christians Who Waffle on Abortion Are More Afraid of Man Than They Are of God

If you believe some professing Christians, God only wants you to be concerned about abortion if you’ve checked off enough boxes on an imaginary social justice check sheet. For example, if you don’t promote the welfare of unwed and poor mothers at a frequency that they judge adequate and yet have the gall to decry abortion, you’ve reached a level of hypocrisy that is worthy of public shaming in their eyes. Likewise, if you don’t support adoption, you’d better not let them catch you speaking out against the murder of babies (although, I have yet to grasp what they actually mean by “support adoption,” but more on that in a bit). For them, the murder of babies is a tertiary issue, at best. Unfortunately, they are going to learn one day that the murder of babies is most definitely not a tertiary issue for God.

For starters, all humans are created in the Image of God. Humans reflect who God is in ways that animals and the rest of creation do not. This is one of the reasons why God added a “very” to His declaration that His creation is good after He made humans.

Secondly, one of the consequences of being made in the Image of God is that all human life is precious. We have a duty before God to preserve life. This matter is so important to God, that after Noah exited the Ark, God issued the mandate that, “Whoever sheds the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed, for God made man in his own image (Genesis 9:6).” We are called to protect life. Full stop. Abortion ends life. Full stop.

Apparently, many professing Christians have traded God’s concern to protect life for a seat at the proverbial “cool kids’ table.” It’s saddening and sickening to watch professing Christians drool over the acceptance of heathens. Hiding behind ginned up notions of hypocrisy in others in order to gain the acceptance of baby murderers is as disgusting as it is wrong. Or, to rephrase that more objectively, attempting to shame people into silence who point out how horrific your new friends’ pet issue is while not talking about the things that are included on your list of “sins that are acceptable to judge as sin” is as disgusting as it is wrong.

You see, two wrongs don’t make a right. Even if a Christian fails to show mercy to hurting mothers, that doesn’t invalidate the desire to see the murder of babies eradicated. To be clear, Christians should be involved in a variety of acts of mercy. But, regardless of their failures in other areas, Christians, of all people, should most definitely be involved in exposing the great sin of abortion.

All of that assumes, of course, that the charges of hypocrisy from waffling Christians are correct. For the most part, however, the charges are false.

Conservative Christians not supporting adoption is the easiest and quickest charge to dismiss. On a personal level, I have never met a single Christian who is opposed to adoption, and I know lots and lots of Christians. Now, if the waffling Christians are meaning that someone has to actually adopt before being allowed to even whisper about how abortion is evil, well, that’s absurd. Not to mention that the charge of hypocrisy becomes an easily wielded double-edged sword at that point.

But, of course, evangelical Christians are adopting. In fact, the evangelical adoption movement is so large that it has earned the slings and arrows of liberals. The Huffington Post took the surge in adoptions among evangelicals as an opportunity to chide Christians for believing that the actual problem is orphanhood. For HuffPo, the real problem is poverty, and Christians who adopt are making the problem worse.

From what I can tell, professing Christians who attempt to silence Christians from pushing back against our society murdering babies have yet to realize that their liberal heroes actually use the fact that Christians adopt as a shaming tactic. No doubt, when they do catch up with their heroes, I’ll need to rewrite portions of this article.

As a note of warning to the professing Christians that I’ve been referencing, that seat next to the cool kids that you are so lustfully longing for is going to be constantly pulled out from under you until you become just like the cool kids. In other words, you’ll never get a full seat at that table until you become undistinguishable from the enemies of Jesus.

Attempting to shame Christians into silence in reference to abortion is dishonest and a violation of  God’s command to care for the hurting and the oppressed. Babies being murdered while still inside their mothers’ wombs should be near the top of the list, at the least, of those whom Christians advocate for. Not to mention that many conservative Christians are involved in mercy ministries that provide aid and comfort to poor mothers alongside their attempts to end abortion. There are many prolife crisis pregnancy centers around this country that offer free medical care, free resources, and, most importantly, support for hurting women and their babies. But let’s be honest, the shaming isn’t really about getting more people involved in acts of mercy; the attempts are almost solely about shutting down the conversation about abortion. If that wasn’t the case, the professing Christians who want to silence others would recognize that it’s not an either/or and that advocating that those yet to be born should not be murdered is a social justice issue of primary importance.

Make no mistake, God cares about the lives of unborn babies. Murdering babies is a nonstarter, regardless of society’s failures in other areas. Self-righteously telling others that they aren’t allowed to decry abortion unless they jump through your social justice hoops exposes that the speaker is more afraid of man than they are of God. Jesus clearly warned us not to “fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather fear him who can destroy both soul and body in hell” (Matthew 10:28).