The American Family Association's Confused War on Target's Transgender Bathrooms

Like many new parents, I was very protective of my daughter during the first few years of her life. If you ask my wife, she’ll tell you that I was too protective. Whenever I was out with my daughter, I was always on edge as I warily eyed the myriad of dangers lying in wait to harm her. Playgrounds were the worst. On one occasion, some older kids rushed by my just-past-toddler-aged daughter while she was tenaciously trying to master the climbing wall. In their hurry to the top, the older kids caused my daughter to teeter and grab onto the hand holds for dear life. In my fear, I immediately jumped up, secured my daughter, and then proceeded to yell, or rather, angrily scream, at the older kids. My wife eyed me disapprovingly, and on the ride back home gently mused, “Two wrongs don’t make a right, John.” Unfortunately, that’s a truth that the American Family Association hasn’t appeared to learn.

During an interview on the radio show Breitbart News Daily, the American Family Association’s director of government affairs, Sandy Rios, unveiled the plan to begin sending men into women’s restrooms in Target. According to Rios, this tactic is meant to expose the moral holes in Target’s bathroom policy. The AFA is adopting this course of action because, as Rios states, “The chief concern, even more than just, I think, trauma, certainly for little girls of having men dressed like women coming in their bathrooms, the chief concern of the American Family Association is the predators who will take advantage.”

For the record, if my daughter is followed into the bathroom at Target by a man misguidedly following the lead of the American Family Association, I will be tempted to add a third wrong to this messy, immoral stew of gender rebellion. If I succumb to that temptation, my daughter’s college fund will then become daddy’s bail money. Because, regardless of the motive, men do not belong in women’s bathrooms. This causes me to wonder if the American Family Association actually understands the issue. Safety shouldn’t be their primary concern. Their energy should be directed at combating society’s rejection of God-given and fixed gender identities.

The AFA, and many other conservative organizations and their followers, keep harping on safety. Except, pedophiles have been going to the bathroom somewhere prior to Target’s sinful accommodation to the sexual revolution. Has the American Family Association been unconcerned about the safety of our sons when all of these predators were using the men’s room? And that’s assuming that there is a bevy of molestations happening in public bathrooms. Almost no one was protesting these confused men using men’s bathrooms, because safety is a mostly made-up issue that distracts from what’s really happening.

Men who think they’re women are not the real threat to my daughter. Because, contrary to what many of the feminists on Tumblr believe, the vast majority of men are not predators. For example, I’m not going to rape anyone; I have zero desire to leer at and take photos of females using the bathroom. Since I’m not a “safety” concern, does that mean that it’s ok for me to use the women’s bathroom? Of course not! And the reason the answer is “of course not!” is because I am a man. As a society, we frown on men who aren’t confused about their gender using women’s bathrooms … for now. The real issue in reference to Target’s bathroom policy is our society’s refusal to submit to God. The real threat to my daughter is allowing society’s rebellion against God in reference to gender identity to go unchallenged.

There are tangential issues swirling around transgender bathroom use, to be sure. But the primary motive for conservatives taking a moral stand should be just that—a stand for objective morality. Genders are not a social construct; God created the genders. Giving leftists a straw man like safety to torch is not helpful. Possibly even worse, by sending men into the women’s bathrooms at Target, either tacitly or explicitly, the American Family Association is just as guilty of violating gender distinctions as Target. I understand the concept of fighting fire with fire, but the American Family Association encouraging men to use women’s bathrooms is well past ok and firmly residing in the land of downright wrong.

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