Why Do Millennial Females Think Disrespecting Men Will Make Things Better?

Everyone has read article after article about the millennial female generation and the effects it’s having on society. They’ve bashed men, screamed for equal rights, and wasted far too much time on social media.

Sadly, it’s easy to notice a trend in the views toward men within society. It started out as a small raindrop and has grown into a full-fledged tsunami. Females hear over and over again how unfair men are, how dangerous they can be, and how suppressive they are toward females. Advocacy groups have been formed and support groups started. Women come seeking shelter from the storm of so called “dangerous” and “egotistical” men.

But what if females of my generation haven’t been told the truth?  What if we’ve become part of the problem instead of part of the solution? I’m not saying that bad men looking to sexually exploit women don’t exist, they do. Nor am I downplaying the abuse and assault some women experience. And female millennials have been subject to the words of inappropriate men: it’s rude and it’s frustrating. It’s easy to remember the sting of those words and dwell on the inappropriate way these men look at women. But what if we’ve taken what should be a raindrop and made it into a full-fledged, havoc-wreaking tsunami?

Disrespect and disregard for women started with a real problem. But at this point, we have to ask ourselves a serious question. Is the current course we’re setting helping the problem or making it worse? We push good men away for the sake of independence and freedom, quickly tossing them all into the category of “bad men.”

It’s tempting to become hardened to men, hiding anger behind the mantra of “I don’t need no man.” But I plead with you to believe that not all men are bad and not all men objectify you. Are some men bad? Of course. Do some men objectify you? Sadly, yes. But some males are not all males. Many men are good friends, loving husbands, and faithful dads and they don’t wish to be part of the problem.

History shows us patterns of the past and points to what the future will look like. History is full of good men standing up for truth, dignity, and their fellow man. As a millennial female, it is easy to think good men no longer exist and never have, but they do. Pastors are teaching Biblical truth weekly. Men are fighting in the political realm daily. Dads are showing up and are involved in their children’s lives. Husbands are faithfully providing for, spiritually leading, and sacrificially loving their wives. Let’s not underplay the importance and colossal impact those things have on society.

As a millennial female, it is hard to believe that undermining the good men of society is a solution to anyone’s problem. Because, as we all know, a raindrop of disrespect turns into a tsunami far too quickly.

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