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#ExposeChristian Schools: Activists Lash Out in Response to Pence's Support for Christian Education

Bible on a school desk in a classroom.

In the aftermath of the news that second lady Karen Pence teaches at a Christian school that holds to traditional Christian beliefs, the left went mad (well, madder than usual). Among other things that I don't want to type, Karen Pence was called a monster and condemned as unworthy to teach children. Vice President Pence quickly rose to not only his wife's defense but to the defense of the right of Christian schools to teach Christian beliefs. Of course, the tolerant left could not tolerate Christians teaching traditional Christian beliefs and the new McCarthyism has swung back into gear. At this moment, by way of protest, #ExposeChristianSchools is now trending on Twitter.

The tweets "exposing Christian schools" are predictable. Running the gamut from "Christian schools hate LGBTQ folks" to "Christian schools are anti-science," the hashtag trend has set the Twitterverse on fire.

I went to a Christian school from kindergarten through college and I want in on the fun, too. Allow me to expose my Christian school.

Before I provide some of my experiences, though, I want to respond to a tweet from Jesse T. Reese. Mr. Reese pompously declares, "If you are reading and want to push back, a few tips: 1. Don’t go the route. These are systemic dysfunctions and an organized nationalist movement we’re targeting. Trust our collective experiences."

Really, Mr. Reese? Systemic dysfunctions? Any data to back that up, or are we just supposed to bow down and blindly worship angry Twitter users' personal anecdotes? Oh, wait, you've already answered that. "Trust our collective experiences," you command. I don't know anything about how you were raised, but I assume that you learned your tone of "DON'T QUESTION ME!" from somewhere.

Out of curiosity, Mr. Reese, what about my experience at a Christian school? Does my experience count, too? Or, since my experience doesn't fit your biased narrative, will I be shouted down and not allowed a seat at the #ExposeChristianSchool table? Will I be bullied in an attempt to silence me?

Frankly, it doesn't really matter how Reese or other angry Twitter users answer those last four questions. You see, I have a platform from which to shout my experience. A platform that reaches more people than most of the angry, one-sided tweets pouring out of the typing fingers of the #ExposeChristianSchool crowd. And I'm going to use that platform to help create a different narrative about Christian schools than the intolerant, bigoted narrative currently being created on Twitter.